How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

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Getting 4 kids ready for the day every morning is a challenge to say the least.  Preparing breakfast, laying out clothes, yanking the kids out of bed, and signing agendas are only just a few things we have to do every morning. But, mornings don’t have to be as crazy as they seem to be.  With a few quick tips and tricks, getting through the morning grind can be as easy as 1-2-3!

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Set aside clothes for the whole week

How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

My mom actually gave me this idea while she was in town visiting last week. She helped arrange all of the kids’ clothes for the week and put them on separate shelves in their bathroom.  This made the stress of hunting down clothes and socks practically disappear. I can’t tell you how much of a time saver this was!

Prepare lunches and snacks in advance

How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

This one takes a little more preparation and time, but is another good time saver if you don’t want to have to make 4 lunches during the morning.  Most food items kids take to school can be refrigerated, so preparing lunches the night before easily saves 15-20 minutes of your morning routine, if not more!

Make freezable breakfast items for the week

How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

My wife gave me this idea and it’s a great one!  There are many different breakfast items that can be prepared in advance and frozen.  One good example of this is to make a bulk amount of pancakes and stick them in the freezer.  A good 30-45 seconds in the microwave in the morning and your kids have breakfast!  Biscuits are also good prepare with eggs, cheese, and bacon.  Preparing breakfast in advance is a BIG timesaver.

Don’t wait until the morning to start homework

How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

Nothing gets accomplished if your kids procrastinate and wait until the morning to do homework. A rule we have in my house is that the homework gets done as soon as the kids are home from school.

There have been times when my kids have waited until the morning that homework is due to tell us about it, and they end up rushing through it before I drop them off at school. Having a system in place where homework gets done the night before will prevent any homework from being forgotten or not worked to the top of their abilities.

Don’t scream and yell

How to Calm Down Crazy Mornings

This is a hard one for me because I’m such a stiffler on being on time. I know exactly when I need to leave to get everyone where they need to go in time so that they won’t be late.  If things don’t go exactly as planned I start getting frustrated.  Try to remain calm in the morning and let it be a happy time full of excitement about the school or work day. Again, not an easy task for me, but it’s crucial to maintaining a happy home!

I hope these quick and easy tips will make your morning routines go smoothly and happily! Drop by with any comments or suggestions, and I’ll be sure to include them in future posts!

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