How To Explode Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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I get it. You are frustrated at the lack of growth you are experiencing with your blog. I’m here to tell you I have experienced the same disappointing results as you, but have found a sure-fire way to change that for the good. Building traffic is more than just writing a post, adding in a few images and links, and sharing it a few times. Real growth comes from the proper utilization of your Pinterest account.

Curious as to how exactly?

Read on to find out…

Create Quality Content

You’ve heard me preach on and on about quality content. It’s so important that I’m going to make it the first thing to focus on when using Pinterest to explode your blog’s traffic. No matter what tips or tricks you follow, nothing can screw you up more than by producing poor content.

Your content is the lifeline and blood of your site. After all, don’t you want readers converting to subscribers because of the value your blog topics give them?  For more specifics on how to create content your readers will love, read this post.

Join Group Boards

As time goes on, you’ll find out how great Pinterest group boards are for growing your blog. Group boards allow you to share your pins with thousands of people at once. Focus on those boards that relate to your niche. You’ll be surprised as to how many repins you can get with one pin. is the best place to go to find group boards sorted by category. When you find a board you like, visit it on Pinterest to make sure the board is still accepting collaborators. There should also be instructions on how to join as a collaborator. Be sure to follow the board rules to keep from being banned or removed.

Make sure the pins you share on group boards have pinnable images and the description box is rich with keywords. To find out why this is so important, do a sample search on Pinterest looking for WordPress tips. Once you have your search results, take a look at the description boxes at some of the first pins that show up. Notice the keywords used and try to copy the same technique in your own pins.

If you need your first Pinterest group board to join, my Blogging Tools And Tips board is a great starting point.  I have over 80 collaborators and 4.5k pins.

Actively Share Other Pins

Pinterest works best when we are all sharing each other’s content and not just focusing on ourselves. I make it a habit of sharing new pins as soon as I log on to Pinterest for the first time each day.

Not only is sharing other pins important, but it shows that you are not just a one-sided blogger (looking for fast traffic without caring to share others’ content). I hope you are practicing this tip with all of your social media accounts.

Invest in Tailwind

Tailwind has seriously helped me grow my blog traffic. It’s so much easier to create a pin schedule and let Tailwind do the hard work than to spend hour after hour sharing pins to multiple boards.

Don’t forget that even if you don’t use Tailwind, you can still use Tailwind tribes. Tribes are groups you can join to share your content – kind of like Pinterest group boards.

Tailwind does require some investment, but it’s worth the return it brings. I currently use the monthly plan of 400 pins/month for $15. I decided to pin an even number of pins through Tailwind each day, so I took 400 pins, divided it by 30, and came up with a plan to schedule 12 pins each day. If you happen to pin more than 400 times in a month, Tailwind does offer an unlimited annual plan at $114/month.

Read how Tailwind has helped me grow my traffic.

Create Pinnable Images

Pinterest loves vertical pins. In fact, most group boards require pins be only vertical images. I personally work with Photoshop to create almost all of the graphics on my blog, but Canva is a great tool that can help you create your own Pinterest images.

High-quality images are also a must in converting pins to views. While there are several great free stock photo sites out there today, it might be time to invest in a subscription.

With every pin, make sure you fill in the image’s alt description with keywords tied to your pin. Alt image descriptions are searchable by search engines and can help your pin rank better.

Advertise Your Pinterest Account Everywhere

Making yourself visible on social media is very important in drawing in traffic. Take every opportunity possible to promote your Pinterest account.  Add social media icons on your blog’s home page, install a Pinterest board widget in your sidebar, add it as a social media icon in email signature, and install plugins that allow you to pin quickly to Pinterest.

What Now?

Now that I’ve given you some of my favorite tips that help me boost my blog traffic, how do you plan to implement these into your own strategy? Create goals for yourself in editing and measure your accomplishments regularly. You can even turn those measurements into really cool blog posts! The sky’s the limit! Good luck and happy pinning!

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