How To Get Noticed As A Blogger

How To Get Noticed As A Blogger

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Let’s face it – there are millions upon millions of blogs in cyberspace.  Blogs that touch on everything from A to Z and then some. So, how do you stick out and make your mark in a world full of super cool blogs without breaking your bank account? There are easy ways I’ve found to drive traffic and grow followers to my blog without spending much money.  I will admit, though, it does take hard work, time, and patience to grow a blog.  Here are some ways I have found to grow my blog and get noticed in a flooded blogger market.

Content is by far the most important factor that helps you get noticed by other bloggers and marketing companies. If you aren’t writing quality posts, it doesn’t matter how many posts you throw out there in a week’s time.  When you first decided to start your blog, you had a purpose, right?  You’re an expert on some topic and want to share your insight with others.  It makes no sense to start a blog on a topic that’s foreign to you. Your readers can tell by the quality of your content whether or not you are an influential expert in your field.  Don’t try to fool yourself or others. Write about something you feel confident about, and don’t look into areas that are completely unknown.

Don’t wait until you are months into blogging to determine what you are going to write about. Set a plan up front and stick with it. It’s much easier to change course in the very beginning than when you are heavily invested months later. Content needs to be worthwhile from the first post on so that you can set up a positive trend going forward.


There are tons of places on the web to share your content, but you should really target those that can get you the maximum exposure. I share all of my posts as soon as they are published.  I target Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest as the main social media accounts.  I also run a Facebook Group and a Pinterest Group Board that are also both good sources of traffic.  Joining Pinterest group boards in your related subject is also a very good way of getting your content seen.

Sharing content is one of the most important aspects of blogging. Without getting the word out, no one will know (or care) that we wrote a new post. Sharing takes time, but you will reap the benefits down the road when your posts start going viral!



Facebook groups for bloggers are amazing for getting noticed. Most Facebook groups (including mine) have set daily promotional threads with specific rules that all members have to follow.  I’ve seen a huge and steady increase in my traffic as a result of participating in the daily threads on different Facebook groups.   Participating in these groups takes a lot of time, but again, time is money, and you will see the benefits down the road of high participation in groups.

There are many different types of Facebook groups so search for and choose the one that bests suits your blog and your needs. Several blogging groups I am a member of are:



I can’t tell you enough how important it is to mix and mingle with other bloggers. There are so many bloggers out there with good ideas.   The more you interact with other bloggers, the greater chance you have of your content being shared to their followers.  Again, a good place to interact with other bloggers is through Facebook and Pinterest.  You can never have too many friends – and you can never have too many blogger friends too!



Most bloggers just starting out don’t always know how to brand a blog and stick with it. Branding is important because it is a major part of what draws readers back to your blog over and over again. From the design of your site to the layout of your posts, every detail is important. I have spent the first few weeks of this month doing nothing but branding updates to my blog.  From my featured headers to my media kit, everything has been branded to my liking. What is your brand?  How will you stick out?



I’m starting to see a greater amount of my traffic come from my Pinterest activity. Joining Pinterest group boards is an excellent way to get your content shared to thousands of people quickly. My Pinterest board, Blogging Tools And Tips, already has over 30 contributors! If you are interested in sharing your blogging-related pins to my board, send me an email at and provide me with your Pinterest user name.



A good way to get noticed is to offer something irresistible to your readers for subscribing to your blog.  Many bloggers create free printables as a bonus. Learn how to create something tangible that your readers will love and will undoubtedly share with others.  By establishing yourself as someone who can offer something of value, you will grow your readership by leaps and bounds.



One great way to get your name out there is to supply guest posts to other bloggers.  By putting your content on other bloggers’ sites, you are increasing your viewership. I have a steady stream of guest post requests for my own blog and publish as many as I can. Your goal is to meet new bloggers and share your content across the widest mediums possible.  Guest posting is definitely a way to go!



One area where too few bloggers venture, especially in the beginning, is in creating a media kit.  Even with few followers, a media kit is crucial information potential brands want to see to know who you are and what you are about.  There are many ways to create media kits (and even free templates out there).  The best place for information on how to create one is through a Pinterest search.


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