How to Write a Stellar About Me Page for Your Blog

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How to Write a Stellar About Me Page for Your Blog

One of the most viewed pages on your blog will be your “About Me” page.  As your following and readership grows, so will the number of people who want to know the super-cool mastermind behind the blog!  It’s very important as a blogger to engage your readers and help them truly care about you.  If they don’t care about you, they won’t care about what you have to say or offer.

Your “About Me” page is the most important page on your blog. Not only does it do the job of introducing you to the world, but it is key in providing vital information about what you can offer to your readers and why they should stay around and click (and hopefully subscribe!).  Get your “About Me” page wrong, and you can be sure to drive AWAY traffic to other sites instead of retaining that traffic.

Today’s post is all about setting your “About Me” page up for success. While I don’t believe it will ever get up to a perfectionist level, there are things that can be done to it to make it ASTONISHING and WONDERFUL!  So, let’s talk about what you should and should not include on your “About Me” page.  While there is no one-size-meets-all formula to creating a stellar “About Me” page, there is information that you should include without a doubt.

Your Bio

Who are you? How did you get to where you are today? Share your goals and values.  Let your readers see the real you. Being yourself is key to gaining your readers’ trust and confidence that by reading what you have to say, they can find value.

Talk about the parts of you that make you a unique blogger. You don’t have to give a chronological explanation of everything you’ve gone through in your life, but do include those skills, experiences, and successes that make you an expert in your niche.

Include a Photo

While you may already have your photo in a sidebar, you should also include another photo on your “About Me” page. By all means, do NOT include a photo that would embarrass you, your family, or your readers. Make sure you are dressed professionally/appropriately for your blog’s niche. If you’re offering professional services, don’t show up in shorts and a t-shirt. Wear a suit.  Get the point?

Describe your blog content

So now that we know about YOU as an individual, we want to know what your blog is about, and why we should spend our valuable time on YOUR page vs the millions of other pages out there. Draw us in to what makes your content special, valuable, and time-worthy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this page needs to SHINE!

Show how you can help your readers

Your readers may have landed on your site because they did a search for specific information. This is your opportunity to clearly explain what you can do for them to help them meet their needs.  As a parenting blogger, I try to provide valuable information to new parents or those who are seeking new ways of doing things. By providing new perspectives and ideas, we can draw our readers in for wanting more. Don’t just recycle information most people have heard before. Create new, exhilarating content that your readers will remember, love, and share with others!

Provide examples of how you have helped others

Above we talked about the importance of telling your readers how you can help them. Now’s your chance to talk about your success stories! Do you have a portfolio or project? Share it! Provide specific examples, numbers, data, and photos. This lets your readers see tangible results they can expect from you as well.  Walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk!

Your contact information

This may seem dumb and/or obvious, but don’t forget to include the best ways to contact you for more information. I’m not saying you have to include every single social media account URL.  The best way to provide contact information is through a separate “Contact Me” link. Check out my contact page as an example.  I have a simple contact form as well as my social media account links.

Recent/Popular Posts

Never miss an opportunity to show off your best work. Create a list (3-5) linking to your highest performing posts. Show your readers what they have to look forward to by subscribing to your blog.

Now what?

You’ve followed my suggestions above and put together a stellar “About Me” page. Now what? Continue to update it. Don’t let it sit unedited. Update your information as you grow as a writer, and as your readers’ needs change. Refresh the popular/recent post links and look for opportunities to update your photo.

Share with me!

What’s on YOURAbout Me” page?  Do you have more ideas for a stellar “About Me” page? Share in the comments below!

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