How You Can Do Your Bit For The Environment

It’s something we see far more often, programs on climate change, celebrities endorsing various types of wildlife and nature protection with many charities asking for money to help the earth. But there are many things you can do yourself to help the environment we live in. Here we explore various ways in which you can feel better about yourself for being kinder to our planet and those around you.

Use Solar Panels

Solar panels can be seen more and more often upon the roofs of businesses and homes alike. They are a great way to help the environment by using less fossil fuels and conventional energy and instead using the sun’s natural rays to generate energy. They may make your house look different, but if you have a flat roof you can install them there and still give your home that luxury feel. The can save you money too, and the excess energy you generate can be sold back to the government if you’re on the national grid. Use a reputable solar company to install your cells for maximum efficiency. They can be a great way to help the environment with minimal effort on your own part. You’ll have to pay for installation and perhaps some maintenance down the line, but for the most part it’ll be money you’re saving, not spending.

How You Can Do Your Bit For The Environment


Try An Electric Car

They were a novelty at first, granted. But now they can be seen as a serious alternative to petrol or diesel powered automobiles. They require way less maintenance, with only coolant, washer fluid tyres and wiper blades needing occasional care and renewal. The battery is always covered by an extensive warranty so although it is expensive, you won’t need to worry about it for the first eight or so years. There are even charging ports across major car parks and petrol stations now so you don’t need to worry about running out of charge halfway through your journey. The lack of tax is a major plus too, helping you save money in your pursuit for a better climate.

Use Roll On

Deodorants are extremely bad for the environment and you can make the simple change to roll on, it makes little difference and you can save more as you’re only using what you need instead of losing some as it floats up into the air to damage the environment. It pollutes the air and can damage the damaged ozone layer which is only just starting to repair. The packaging is also bad as it is completely non-recyclable and hard to dispose. The fumes are even bad for your body, so if protecting the environment isn’t enough motivation then do it for yourself.


The majority of houses do it these days, but so many people still dispose of certain things incorrectly. Batteries are a prime example, they’re quite hard to dispose and need to be destroyed is a specific way. Take them to a recycling center where they can be properly disposed. The same can be said of electrical components from toys and electricals, these can be recycled instead of disposed.

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