The Importance of Hearing Protection for Kids

The Importance of Hearing Protection for Kids

Children have a very delicate sense of hearing and it is often overlooked and even taken for granted. As a parent, it is our job to protect them from the world as much as we can, so let’s not forget about all the noises that can end up damaging our children.

Our ears are filled with tiny, hair-like strands that are called cilia. These cilia carry sound wave vibrations from the outer ear, to the inner ear, and finally to the brain for interpretation. It is when these delicate cilia are damaged that our hearing can suffer and sometimes this damage can be permanent. According to, one out of every 10 Americans suffers from permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss can occur when you are exposed to excessive noise or loud sounds.

Loud sounds and excessive noises that can harm your child’s hearing include:

  • Loud engines
  • Gun shots
  • Sirens
  • Excessively loud toys
  • Loud volumes of music
  • Wearing headphones with loud volumes
  • Sound systems
  • Fireworks
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Airplanes

While you cannot protect your child every second of every day, making the effort to prevent and monitor your child’s exposure to the above listed damaging sounds and noises is the first step in hearing loss prevention in children.

Understanding that hearing protection devices should be used in children of all ages is vital to properly protect your children’s delicate ears and sensitive hearing. A couple of options you can use to help protect your child’s hearing are earplugs and noise cancelling headphones.

Ear plugs are advised to be used on older children as they can be a choking hazard for younger children. In addition, ear plugs are harder to fit for young children and can easily fall out of place. The good news about ear plugs is that they are discrete, which is attractive for older children. Noise cancelling headphones on the other hand can be worn by children of any age, including babies. They provide high levels of hearing protection and are comfortable to wear.

According to PK Safety, kids cannot always articulate when sounds are dangerous to their hearing. This is why as a parent you should monitor their exposure to excessively loud sounds and teach them about the importance of their delicate sense of hearing from a young age. Instilling the knowledge of the importance of protecting your hearing from a young age will enable your child to take better care of their sense of hearing for the rest of their life.

Protecting your child’s hearing is essential to prevent them from becoming a statistic among the numbers of people who suffer from hearing loss as an adult. Since most hearing damage occurs during the developmental years (also known as childhood) give your child a better chance of fighting off this permanent and irreversible damage by providing them with hearing protection devices.

Do you currently use hearing protection devices for your children? If so, which ones have you found that your children enjoy best?

The Importance of Hearing Protection for Kids




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