Joining Forces For Vacation

Joining Forces For Vacation

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Going on vacation can seem like an extremely daunting time for parents. The kids are all excited, of course, but there’s so much for us, as adults, to plan. If you have friends who are parents and have children of a similar age, it may be worth joining forces. The benefits can be tremendous when you’re planning some time away. Here are just a few…

It’ll Be Cheaper

On the whole, if you’re putting all in with a group of other people, you will be able to get a lot of deals and discounts available to only those travelling in large groups. If you are planning on travelling abroad rather than keeping your holiday on the continent in which you already reside, there are certain flight offers that you can take advantage of if you scan the internet regularly and look out for them. Not only that but if you look at villas available for rent, you may be able to secure cheaper living space for when you’re on your holidays than you would if you were going to book individual hotel rooms for you all. Looking online can get you great deals for these places of accommodations – searching villas in Dominican Republic will only get you savings if you look in the right place. If you choose to all eat together with food that you buy communally rather than eating out at restaurants every day, you could potentially save yourself a small fortune. It’s a good bonding exercise and may be better for smaller children who you are still trying to keep to a routine. Going out every night can really affect their sleeping patterns and their ability to enjoy the next day if they’re too tired.

Eyes Join Forces

Not only will you be on the watch for your child’s safety, but a whole host of other people will too. It’s the same as how you will be looking at your friend’s children and taking care of them without really giving it a second thought. It’s a sort of meerkat effect – you all have eyes ready and watching for any potential danger, but so will all the others in your group. This is definitely important in places like shopping malls, by the poolside and even the beach. Big open spaces don’t seem like places that you could potentially lose a child, but in fact the opposite is true. So the more people looking out for them, the better; taking regular headcounts can help.

Joining Forces For Vacation

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Less Stress

When you vacation with those who are in the same situation as you, you’re more likely to have the same mindset. Getting out and about and doing things together as a family means that you will be more inclined to go to family-orientated places – and those that don’t want to can band off somewhere else. Effectively, it’s cheap babysitting in return for your services as well. If you want to go out with your other half one day on a solo adventure, the friends that you are vacationing with might be more inclined to take your children out if you do the same in return for them at some point during the vacation.


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