How I Made $408.44 With My Blog in July 2017 [Income Report]

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I’m always excited to provide my traffic and income report every month. July 2017 was a great month for me in terms of blogging and income.

How I Made $408.44 With My Blog in July 2017 [Income Report]

Investing in my blog

Having an MBA, I understand that you’ve got to sometimes spend money to make money. Last month, I saw how beneficial my Tailwind account was to my traffic. The problem was, I was limited to only 400 pins a month. Because of the impact it had on my traffic, I decided to upgrade from the monthly plan to the annual plan. Now, I have 80 pins scheduled per day, which equals over 2,000 pins per month.

Income for July 2017

Affiliate income:  $76.33 (Shareasale)

Sponsored posts: $23.97

Fat Joe Publishing: $432.85

Total: $533.15

Expenses for July

Tailwind upgrade: $114.00

Photoshop subscription: $10.71

Total: $124.71

My top 5 viewed blog posts for July:

Site Stats

  • Total unique visitors: 1,530 (+39 from June)
  • Total page views: 2,854 (+317 from June)
  • Total comments: 30 (+21 from June)

Referral Stats

Social Media Stats

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