My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#48

Shopping with 4 kids is never boring!  Especially when one of them is a 2 year old.  Tonight, we walked into a department store to exchange some clothes, and right in the center of the floor was a mannequin wearing a bra and panties. A lot of the things my 2 year old says occur at home or away from the general public.  Tonight, he let the whole world know what he saw…

Look!  Look!  Underpants!

I couldn’t help but laugh!  It was so funny!  I’m sure the other people around us thought we were crazy, but I guess they aren’t that far off haha!  I love the funny and unexpected things kids say.  What would be totally taboo for an adult is a Kodac moment for toddlers!

Next time we walk into a women’s department store I’ll be sure to have the camera ready.  The little guy is sure to repeat that one!


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