Kids and Hot Cars

Kids and Hot Cars

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Why Are Kids Left Behind in Hot Cars?

Here we go again!  Another summer is upon us and news stories are already flooding the web and TV of kids being left in hot cars by their parents.  I don’t understand the stupidity! Why is it so hard to understand the consequences of leaving kids in a hot car? Not only is it dangerous in today’s world to leave kids in the car at any time, but especially in the heat! If anyone can think of a reason to leave a kid unattended in a hot car could you please post it in the comments?

It’s sad that this day and age people have to come up with inventions that alert a driver that there is a child in the car. It’s a good idea because people have become so self-absorbed. I highly doubt any of these parents that left their kids in the car forget to get their cell phones out too. I know I’m being a little judgmental, but come on! I hardly ever heard of these kinds of stories growing up in Georgia, and it got to 100 degrees regularly in the summer!

How Do Parents Forget Their Own Kids?

I also don’t understand how parents forget that they have their kids in the car.  I know we are all busy, but our kids’ lives rise above everything else that we have going on throughout the day. I feel sad for those kids that have lost their lives due to this completely preventable issue, and fully believe those parents responsible need to be held accountable for their actions.

Heat aside for a second, it’s also idiotic to leave kids in a car unattended because of the dangerous people in this world. How easy would it be for some stranger to steal the car and/or kidnap the kids? I have never left my kids in the car alone – even when running into a store for a split second.  I won’t even do it at a gas station. Why other parents decide it’s a risk they are willing to take is beyond me.

I’ve sat in a hot car before and I could only withstand a few minutes before I had to open the windows or get out.  It’s hard for me to imaging what a baby or young child has to go through because they don’t have the luxury of being able to roll down their window.

To all parents reading this:  Think before you get out of the car.  A quick glance to the back seat is all you need. Put your focus on always making sure your kids are safe.  It’s worth being late!

What do you think we should do as a society to prevent more heat-related deaths in cars?

Here are some recent news stories:

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