Your Kids’ Clothing Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive With These Handy Hacks

It’s no secret that kids grow up fast. One minute their clothes are far too big for them then a few weeks later they are too small. These growth spurts can lead to many parents having to replace their kid’s clothing on a regular basis. This can be extremely expensive, particularly if they only get a few months wear out of a particular outfit. Thankfully there are things you can do to cut these costs while still dressing your child in quality clothing. So if you’re finding it difficult to afford continually buying clothes for your kids, try using these handy hacks.

Your Kids' Clothing Doesn't Have To Be Expensive With These Handy Hacks

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Stack promotional codes

Retailers who sell children’s clothes will often give out promotional codes to entice parents to shop in their store. While this may be a marketing tactic, these codes have the potential to save you a lot of money. These promotional codes are often designed to be used online and can give you substantial discounts on our kid’s clothing. Some retailers will even let you use multiple promotional codes to get even bigger savings. But remember to check whether this is possible before use. To find current promotional codes you can use search for  American Apparel, GAP, and Kmart promo codes on Google. Also, sign up to retailer’s newsletter as this can give you money off your first purchase too.

Utilize hand-me-downs

Many parents don’t always consider using hand-me-down clothes. But this can be a costly mistake to make. If you have older children, it’s likely that some items of their clothing can be passed down to their younger siblings. This might include t-shirts, baby grows and jeans which can all easily be worn by both genders. Sort through your older child’s clothing and keep items that are still in good condition. These can then be added to your younger child’s wardrobe. This means you only have to buy clothes for one child rather than all of your children which can, therefore, save you money. If you don’t have older children, let friends who have kids know that you are willing to accept any hand-me-downs they may have to offer.

Your Kids' Clothing Doesn't Have To Be Expensive With These Handy Hacks

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Take care and repair

Whether it’s at school or during a special occasion, kids seem to get messy no matter where they are. From grass stains to spilled juice, their clothing can quickly go from clean to ruined in seconds. Kid’s also find it easy to rip and tear their clothes when they play. To help their clothes last for as long as they possibly can, make an effort to act as quickly as possible. Don’t allow stains to linger and dry on. Instead remove them as quickly as possible. Rips and holes should also be repaired as soon as they are spotted to prevent them from slowly increasing in size. If it allows your child to continue wearing their favorite shirt or dress for a bit longer, it’s worth doing.

Being realistic is the best thing you can do when buying kids for your clothes. Consider how often your children are likely to wear a piece of clothing and whether it will be value for money. You should also buy two sizes bigger to help their new clothes last longer.

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