Kids And Exercise – It Works Out!

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Fitting in exercise when you’ve got kids is something that tends to get easier as they get older. Not having to worry about packing your whole life into a bag to take with you and thinking over whether you’ve got the essentials for your children while you’re doing a simple a workout (also figuring out how to entertain them) is something that should be celebrated, even though it’s sad that they’re growing up. As soon as they hit the age where they can join in with things like running, bike rides and swimming, it’s simply a case of bringing them along with you for the fun. It’s setting a great example to them and provides amazing bonding time. But if you haven’t done anything like this by yourself, never mind with a tag on, where do you start?

Think Of What’s Fun

You know what you enjoy and what you don’t, but it’s not just you that you need to think about now. Cast your mind back to when you were the age of your child and focus on what you loved doing, and equally what bored you to tears. It may be completely different to what  interests your kid, but it’s good to put yourself in the same frame of mind. They may even like to suggest something themselves.

Don’t Stick With What You Know

Don’t be afraid to venture into new territory that may not have been available when you were younger; rock climbing, for example, is taking off as one of the best and most fun body workouts that you can get. Spinning is gaining popularity as a safe way to bike without leaving where you are; click here for more information about the bike to get to suit your needs, as it can greatly affect your performance if you aren’t choosing one that’s right for you. Even orienteering can be a great form of exercise if you take it into a rural area, with hills and mountains providing a brilliant source of cardio, but make sure you do your research beforehand on where you are so you don’t get truly lost if it’s something that you haven’t done before.

Commit To It

If you don’t like something, then you shouldn’t force yourself to do it. The same as you shouldn’t put your child into something that they don’t like. However, if you’re not committing to what you’re doing exercise-wise because you can’t be bothered, or find something better to do on the nights that you should be going and spending time together, then the problem lies within yourself. It’s so easy to send a text or email and not have to face up to not turning up to something because you want a night off, but this is sending the wrong message to those who are looking up to you. Don’t show that it’s so easy to quit just because you don’t feel like doing something that particular day. Stick with it and it could end up being the making of you both.

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