Kids Health Starter Ideas For The Anxious Parent

Children are a blessing, that’s a given. They’re this wonderful gift that come into our lives and totally transform it. They bring laughter, joy and…

… unending stress, panic, and worry.

We love our kids more than anything else in the world. We wouldn’t change it for anything. But they do bring about their very own panic attacks. We worry about their safety, their health, their schooling – literally anything we can think of. It’s all part of parental love, though one that is not spoken about as often.

It’s only natural that parents want to give everything that they can to ensure their children are happy. We move houses for better school districts, argue about parenting methods and worry about their menu variety. One of the key ways we focus on is that of health.

There is so much debate about health and wellness, what we should and shouldn’t do. It becomes almost impossible to figure which we should take seriously. Well, ease the worry for a little while, and follow this beginner’s guide to giving your kid’s health a boost.

1. Let them get dirty.

Kids Health Starter Ideas For The Anxious Parent

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In fact, insist on it. Got a pile of mud in your garden? Encourage your kid to play in it.

If you’re expecting the “haha, did a joke, now for the serious bit” part – it’s not coming. This is standard scientific fact. Exposure to bacteria and germs is not only good, but vital for a child’s developing immune system. If you sterilize everything, avoid dirt and use hand sanitizer, then their immune system isn’t being tested. Without this, their chances of allergies and asthma skyrocket.

2. Encourage their dental hygiene.

Kids Health Starter Ideas For The Anxious Parent

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This isn’t just for cosmetic issues, though they will thank you for that later in life too. There are serious health implications of poor dental hygiene, so getting a good start on it improves their future. Cycle a routine of brushing, using the best Waterpik water flosser and rinsing with mouthwash. Oh – and use products containing fluoride. It doesn’t cause a variety of health problems when applied direct to the teeth. Someone shilling a book demonizing a chemical doesn’t know better than the entire medical community.

3. Watch out for calcium.

This will fly in the face of most things you know, but you have got to be careful with how much calcium your child is consuming. In that, they might be consuming too much.

Calcium is packed into everything these days. It’s added to cereals, yogurt and – for some ridiculous marketing reason – into milk. Actual milk. The very product that naturally contains 125mg of calcium per 100g.

Kids Health Starter Ideas For The Anxious Parent

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Calcium is a vital nutrient, but it also depletes magnesium. Magnesium is even more vital, yet there are chronic deficiencies throughout the world because of the excess calcium. This is extremely worrying, especially as poor farm practices make food containing magnesium all the more scarce.

Try and avoid products with added calcium and choose natural alternatives as the source. If your child is lactose intolerant, then there are plenty of vegetables that you can use as an alternative.

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