Labracadabrador: Which Dog Will Be Magic With Your Kids

Labracadabrador: Which Dog Will Be Magic With Your Kids

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If you have got a young family, then it is more than understandable why you wouldn’t want to add a dog to the equation. Dogs and children can grow to have the most incredible bond. But choosing a dog that will best allow this bond to blossom is a tough decision to make. That is why it is important that you make your choice based on these three main factors: temperament, size, and energy level.

Of course, the choice of breed is completely up to you, and could completely depend on your preference, and even your experience. However, in order to be of some use, we have read a little bit of research regarding dogs and kids, and these seem to be the best breeds to go with:

A Beagle

There is so much about a beagle that makes it the perfect dog for families with little ‘uns, not least their size. These dogs have the most wonderful temperament, and an incredible enthusiasm for the outdoors, which could prove to be a perfect characteristic for your exploring toddler. But that’s not all because they always seem to have the energy to play games (a characteristic that could sound a little familiar).

A Bulldog

Now, we haven’t read everything about bulldogs but, from what we have read, these animals seem to be completely devoted to kids, and nothing but affectionate and friendly too. What more could any parent want to hear? This is only part of the plusses, though, because their shape alone makes them the ideal companion for kids that love to play a little bit of rough and tumble. Of course, they aren’t the most energetic of dogs (you may be pleased to hear) but they are docile, friendly and loyal.

A Golden Retriever

Everything great you’ve ever heard about golden retrievers is true. They are known to be some of the smartest, confident, kind, caring and loyal dogs around. They have this unbelievable composure that makes them 100% compatible with kids. The two main characteristics that you may like to know about, however, is that they are both obedient and affectionate. Yeah, obedient. Imagine having someone in the house who actually listens to what you say? Sounds too good to be true, huh. Well, it’s not. They are incredible animals.

A Labrador

Okay, so we need to get this one off our chests before we can continue. What do you call a dog that performs magic? A labracadabrador. Sorry. Anyway, labrador’s are one of the most popular breeds out there because they are packed full of someone of the best ingredients ever. Playful, intelligent, loving, patient, reliable, obedient and protective. They known to be so easy to train as well. It’s amazing. Of course, they do require a fair bit of exercising. But that could be done by your never-out-of-breath child?

A Collie

Let’s get this one out there straightaway. Lassie was a border collie. Lassie! The dog that was able to save people who were stuck down wells. In short, collie’s are gentle, smart and predictable. They are obedient and kind too. Basically, they are excellent with kids.

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