How I Made $235.98 With My Blog in August 2017 [Income Report]

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How I Made $235.98 With My Blog in August 2017 [Income Report]

I’ve been sharing my blog income reports for the last several months. It’s definitely an up and down business, but I love everything blogging has to offer. August was down in terms of site views and income, but I figured it was because school was getting ready to start back and everyone was busy grasping the last bit of summer.

I wrote 8 new blog posts in August:

Income for August 2017

Sponsored posts: $35.00

Fat Joe Publishing: $211.69

Total: $246.69

Expenses for August

Photoshop subscription: $10.71

Total: $10.71

My top 5 viewed blog posts for August:

Site Stats

  • Total unique visitors: 1,074 (-456 from July)
  • Total page views: 1,719 (-1,135 from July)
  • Total comments: 27 (-3 from July)

Referral Stats

Social Media Stats

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  1. Hey Jeremy, could you elaborate on what fat joe publishing is and how are you making money through it? I have started a new blog aswell and would love to find different avenues to make money.

    1. Hey Dj, Fat Joe Publishing actually reached out to me over a year ago, and offered me $10 per post that they send to me. I basically post what they send to my blog and get paid for it. Not sure if they are taking in new writers, but wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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