How To Make A Media Kit Using Microsoft Word

How To Make A Media Kit Using Microsoft Word

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I’m assuming you just read my post, “How To Make A Spectacular Media Kit.” and are now ready to try it on your own.  You are in luck!  I’ve created a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to do just that for FREE using Microsoft Word.

Let’s begin…

1. Open Microsoft Word

This is an obvious step, but the most important 🙂  Open to a blank document.

2. Set margins to “Custom”

The first thing I do is change my margins.  To do this, go to the Layout tab, select Margins, then scroll all the way to the bottom to “Custom Margins.”

Set all of the margins within the highlighted boxes below to 0.

If you get the warning below, hit “Ignore.”

3. Add Your Logo/Title

The first thing I do is put my logo/title at the top of the page. If you are using an image, simply click on the Insert tab then click Pictures.   In my example, I am simply using a text title vs a logo.

To enter a text title, go to the Insert tab and then click on the Text Box drop down. Select the text box you want and it will appear on your blank document.  You can adjust it to fit your needs. I selected the Simple Text Box.

Enter the title of your blog. If you don’t want the border around the text box, go to the Format tab and click on Shape Outline.

Add An About Me Section

The next section I add to my media kit is the “About Me” section.  We are going to create a simple colored background and then add our photo.  Once we’ve done that, we will then add our text.

Add a new text box and position it on your document so that it runs the width of the page.  Go to the Format tab above and select Shape Fill.  Select whatever color you want.  I used black for my media kit:

Next, add your photo and any effects you like.  You can also position it to your liking in this step.

After you’ve added your photo, add another text box with your about me information:

Add a “About the Blog” section

Below my “About Me” section, I put a section describing my blog.  All you have to do here is basically copy and paste from your “About Me” page. I also recommend listing out a few of your most popular posts. You can NEVER have too much exposure to your posts!  Use a new text box and align it to your liking like I have done below:

Add your demographics

I then add a section describing my demographics (who your readers are, where they are from, how old they are, their gender, etc).  Again, this is another text box.

Describe your partnership opportunities

This section advertises all of the services you offer (sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, ads, etc).

Add your stats

Next, add all of your major social media stats.  You may have 20 social media accounts, but please don’t include them all. I use the most common ones (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc).  Beside these stats I also put my page views and unique visitors.  There are thousands of free social media icons like the ones I’ve used with this example. Just do a google search and select the ones that appeal to your brand.

Add images

Mix in a few of your best images to make the finishing touches on your new media kit.

Save and share!

You are now ready to save your media kit as a PDF and share with the world.  The media kit example I provided you today outlines the steps you need to take to make a basic kit. As your blog grows, so will your media kit and the amount of information needed.  I hope this information is helpful for you as you create your media kit!  If you have any questions, or would like me to make a media kit for you ($29.99), please email me at


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