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Are weddings at risk of all blurring into one? Probably not. No matter how similar many of them are to each other, it’s the people you share the day with that really make the day unique. Still, there’s something to be said for a wedding that really stands out in the memory for good and creative reasons!

Here are a few cool ideas that you could consider if you want to do something a little bit more experimental with your special day!

Unique invitations

Wedding invitations should be an absolute thrill to open. But most of the time they just feel like a bland sort of formality. By the time people receive them, they already know there’s going to be a wedding, and the “Save the Date” cards they receive probably look like every other wedding invitation they’ve ever seen. Why not make more of an effort to make these exciting? Get a little inventive with your invites! Keep this in mind: it’s not as if you’re sending wedding invitations to complete strangers, right? You can afford to be a bit more creative and informal with these invitations. Have a look at for some unique wedding invitation ideas.

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Get married outdoors

Sure, it’s easy to understand why most people get married indoors. For one, you’ve got a lot less to worry about if the weather takes a nasty turn! But when you restrict your options to just indoor venues, then you’re cutting yourself off from a lot of potentially incredible wedding venues. Getting married against the backdrop of an amazing outdoor view can make your day much more unforgettable than your average wedding. Of course, you have to be pretty careful if you’re going to go about your special day in this way! Head to for some essential advice regarding outdoor weddings.

Bring some pets

This may seem like a bit of an odd one. But hey, we’re here to discuss ways in which to make your wedding truly unique, right? There are a lot of venues out there that allow you to bring pets into your wedding. And surely you’ve always wanted an excuse to put a bow tie on your dog or a bridal veil on your cat, right? Sure, you’ve got to be careful with how you go about it, but bringing pets to a wedding can really help make the day unforgettable. Read more about it at!


Spice up the music

Aren’t we all sick of “Here Comes the Bride” by now, just a little? I’m not saying the bride should be rocking down the aisle to, say, Justin Bieber or anything. But surely we can have a bit more variety? Perhaps the best way to introduce a bit more musical originality to your wedding is to have a wedding band come play for you. Better yet, why not see if some of your musically-talented friends will form a band just for the day? You’ll be able to open up the musical possibilities much more this way. (And, y’know, you could also save a bunch of money. Those formal wedding bands are expensive!)

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Less traditional jewelry

Cufflinks, pearl earrings, simple gold necklaces – they’re all nice and everything, but why not make things a little more interesting by adding some more adventurous jewelry into the mix? You could take inspiration from other cultures where jewelry plays an even bigger part in weddings, such as India. You could even look to the streets for some more urban inspiration! I wouldn’t recommend messing around too much with the wedding ring, though. A bombastic wedding ring is something you’re going to have to wear for as long as you’re married, after all.And remember: don’t put all the jewelry-related focus only on the bride! The groom can certainly get very stylish with the right selection. You can check out some more exciting jewelry over at

Wedding cake alternatives

Look, I’m not going to go on a rant against wedding cakes. Any type of cake is pretty awesome. But if you’re looking for areas in which to change things in order to make your wedding more unique, then this is a great place to do it. You can get impressive and luxurious versions of pretty much any dessert your can imagine. If you want to keep things in the ‘cake’ department, then you can always try exciting cheesecakes or cupcakes. But how about trying waffle sundaes, or berry parfaits, or even whoopie pies? You can check out more non-cake wedding dessert alternatives over at



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