Men’s Health: How To Cope With An Embarrassing Gas Problem

Men's Health: How To Cope With An Embarrassing Gas Problem

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As we get older, there are many different health problems and concerns that can develop. More often than not, middle-aged men tend to get the same issues. We have aches and pains in our back and joints, we start getting eyesight problems, and a lot of us develop issues with our digestive system.

More specifically, we can’t stop passing gas. It just seems as though we reach an age where everything gives us gas. While this might not hurt you or be a serious health problem, it can be very embarrassing – particularly if you can’t stop yourself passing gas at a meeting or when you’re in a serious situation.

On that note, I’ve come up with a nice little article you can follow to help cope with an embarrassing gas problem:

Diagnose The Cause

The first thing you should do is find out what’s causing your gas. It may surprise you that the cause of this issue is an actual health problem called irritable bowel syndrome. This is very common in middle-aged men, and you should get yourself checked out to see if it is the actual cause. Another health problem that causes gas is lactose intolerance. This is where your body has an intolerance to lactose – a substance largely found in milk-based products – and causes you to let out a lot of gas. If it isn’t either of these issues, then the problem is most likely caused by your diet. You must be eating things that are triggering this gas. Either way, figure out the cause, and you can then work on calming the resulting gas.

Calm Your Symptoms

The way you calm your gas problem depends on what causes it.


If you do have IBS, then you can find medications that will help you reduce the symptoms. There’s also loads of research about probiotics and IBS that show probiotics are a great way to reduce symptoms and calm your gas. So, try getting some of these to help with your problem

Lactose Intolerance

If you’re lactose intolerant, then the solution is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is cut out lactose from your diet, and you’ll see a big difference. This is the thing causing your gas, so, switch to lactose-free milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.


If the problem is diet, then you have to look carefully at what you’re eating. Things such as lentils, beans, sprouts, whole grains, and starchy foods cause gas. Cut down on these, and you should see less frequent trumps. Also, you should always drink before every meal, not with it. When you drink as you eat, your stomach loses vital acids that help you digest. Consequently, you’ll struggle to digest foods, your stomach will get sensitive, and you’ll have lots of gas. Another thing you can do is eat slower, the slower you eat, the better you digest, and the less chance there is of gas.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn how to handle one of life’s most embarrassing health problems for middle-aged men. Now, you can go to your meetings without worrying about letting one rip midway through your boss’s important talk.

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