Money-Saving Tips For Dads Who Love Sports

In the past, getting tickets for the match was no big deal. But with pressure on wages, more and more dads are wondering whether their money could be better spent.

For those who love their sports, this is really bad news. After all, sport is our way of relaxing and spending time with the children and the family. It’s also a chance for us to escape the world of work and really get down to what matters in life. As a result, it’s worth getting a little creative about how to save money on sports.

Here are some money saving tips for dads who just love sports.  

Get Into Alternative Sports

The price of a football season ticket often runs into the thousands of pounds. Even a ticket to a cricket game can cost more than £80.

The three biggest spectator sports in the UK – football, rugby and cricket – also happen to be the ones that charge the highest prices. It’s worth remembering however, there are plenty of other games which don’t command the same attention that are much much cheaper to attend.


For instance, how about tennis? Even at grand slams, day ticket prices can be as little as £15 for ground admission. If you are looking for something even cheaper than that you can try attending a regional tennis match.


It’s also worth pointing out that there are lots of other exciting sports, including things like kayaking, motor racing, and even Red Bull events, many of which are free.

Follow Charity Events And Champion Tours

This year in the UK, there are hundreds of opportunities to get involved in free, local community sports events. These include the likes of the London Marathon and the Yorkshire three peaks weekend for WCRF. There are also plenty of chances to get involved in sport yourself, including Nightrider in London and the Alzheimer’s Society Midnight Challenge.

 Watch Bottom League Clubs

Attendance at clubs that are lower down the league tables is expanding right now, thanks to grassroots support from professional organizations. Lower league clubs are seen as farms for generating new talent that can then make its way into professional teams. If you can’t afford a ticket to see Chelsea FC play at home then why don’t you go and see Brentford just down the river for a fraction of the price?

 Get Clever With Ticket Purchases

How do you get the cheapest tickets? There are two methods. One is to buy tickets right at the last minute when sellers are trying to recoup their costs. When sellers only have a few tickets left before the game, they often worry that they will not be able to sell their tickets in time before the match starts. As a result, it is very easy to haggle down ticket sellers in the moments before a match begins. Ticket sellers are often willing to sell their tickets a far below the face value of the ticket, so long as you are able to make a deal at the opportune moment. This way, you can get the cheapest baseball tickets, football tickets and cricket tickets.

It’s also worth thinking about going to games during the middle of the week. Weekday games are frequently the cheapest, with tickets regularly selling for less than half their regular price on the day. Rival tickets will tend to be more expensive, but will also cost a lot less on the day of the game.

 Go To Training Camp

Baseball fans are already well-known for going to catch a glimpse of their favorite players during spring training season. Now, many fans from other sports are doing the same thing, watching players as they try to save money on match day tickets.

Many clubs, including Brentford, open their training grounds up to fans free of charge. Brentford say that they open up their training ground when they hold elite development squad fixtures. Check with your club’s social media to see whether or not they are holding a free training day.

 Split Season Ticket Prices With A Friend


The real price of a season ticket isn’t just the cost of buying it: it is also the cost of travelling to each of the games. Often people will buy season tickets, but they will not make maximum use of them since they will not be able to travel to all of the games on the calendar. This is why many people now share a season ticket with a friend. They might go to all of the home games and then pass the season ticket over to their friend who then travels to the away games. This helps not only to reduce costs but also generates conversation when your friend reports back to you what they saw at the away game.

Call The Ticket Office For Promotions

Many of the top league teams know that the recent recession and declining incomes has hit their fans hard. As a result, many of these teams are responding with promotions and trying to get more people through the doors of their stadiums. For this reason, it is a good idea to call the box office to see if your team is currently running any specials. For instance, many premiership teams are currently running half-price offer on next year’s season tickets.

According to data provided by the BBC, ticket prices vary dramatically over the country. Hull City and Liverpool currently offer the lowest ticket prices, asking fans for just £9 per ticket. Hull also has the lowest-price season ticket at just £252. Other low-price season tickets include Manchester City at £299 and Stoke at £294. Arsenal has the highest ticket prices in the country, with day tickets costing more than £97 and season tickets standing at over £2,013.

 Go To College Events

Although the standard at college events is not as high as it is on the professional stage, it’s still a great chance to get your sporting fix. Becoming a fan for your nearby college will help integrate you into the local community. Often tickets for collegiate sports, including football, are much less expensive than their professional counterparts.

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