My Toddler is a Criminal!

My Toddler is a Criminal!


Well, not really, but, my 2 year old does get away with crap because he is cute and tiny. I’m sure if adults did the things that he does today that society wouldn’t look so fondly at it.

Here’s a list of examples of recent “incidents.”

1 – Took some metal object (I still don’t know what it was or where he got it) and took a whack at the flat screen.  Now there are several small scratches on it.  Sure to be irritating with football season coming up!

2 – Grabbed a bag of Jewish rye bread and walked out of the grocery store with it (without dad noticing).  I was only at the store for 2 minutes returning a bag of moldy bread.  He must have grabbed it off the shelf very conspicuously.  Little stinker!

3 – Threw daddy’s iPhone on the floor. (Thanks Otterbox for saving it!)

4 – Pulled a box of cereal off of the counter and poured it all onto the floor.

5 – Stuffed random crap in the refrigerator.  

6 – Hid his stash of snacks in furniture drawers.

7 – Said, “I mean” to his brother and then hit him with his sippy cup. 

8 – Pulled his stinky diaper off during nap time and threw it. This one was during my watch…..way to go me!

9 – Begged and begged me to give him an apple.  Threw the whole cut up apple onto the floor and then laughed about it.  He then asked for a banana.

10 – Took his sister’s toys and threw them behind the couch.  I now know he has a hugh stash of toys behind the couch!

11 – Took off running during Mass

12 – Initiated wrestling matches with his sibblings yelling, “Hulk smash!”

13 – Knocked my iPad off its stand while watching Elmo.  He was unhappy a 5 second advertisement interrupted his show.

14 – Turned off the XBox while his brother was playing a riveting game of NBA. 

15 – Pointed to a random old man with a beard and called him “Santa.”  The man heard him loud and clear.


The little guy is such a good kid and I love him so much.  I feel blessed to go through the “terrible twos” for the 4th time and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Plus, it gives me new ideas for the blog!

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