What You Need To Know Before Your Child Starts Driving

Every parent knows that each stage of raising your child brings with it its own unique worries and concerns. In the first few years, you worry about practically everything. Do they have a temperature? Should they be walking or talking by now? How well will they learn to share and play with others? Are they happy? Are they hungry? The questions go on and on and never seem to end. As they grow up, you worry whether they are making friends at school, and of course that they are studying enough. But as they approach their teenage years, a new, particularly terrifying possibility occurs to you: they will be driving soon. Your first thought might be about the safety of your child and of the other drivers. But the very next thing that you think of will probably be buying them a car. Should you get them something big and sturdy, or should they start out with something small without much power? If you are worried about the prospect of setting your teenager free on the open road, here are a few things to put your mind at rest:

First, the way cars are built now makes them much safer than ever before. Besides seatbelts, airbags and crumple zones, a great deal of progress has been made in just the last few years. For instance, the strength of steel used to make cars is three times as strong as it was at the turn of the century. Not only that, the design of the frames in cars is slowly being perfected. New cars are being designed so that if they do feature in an accident, the frame itself will redistribute the force in a way that causes as little possible danger to passengers. Besides, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that between 2006 and 2015, the percentage of high severity-crashes fell 16.8%. While the roads are still a dangerous place, there are indications that they are becoming less dangerous.

What You Need To Know Before Your Child Starts Driving

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Your next concern might be how much a car will cost. They can be quite expensive, and the insurance that is required for new, inexperienced drivers is often exorbitant. As for purchasing the car itself, there are many options available. https://www.approvenow.com/ offer loans which can be paid every month. You could even have your child get a job and help you with the payments. Once they learn to drive, the car may well be theirs.

It might seem rather ironic, but if the trend of technology in cars continues as it’s been going, your child may not need to learn to drive after all. Self-driving cars are no longer part of science fiction but will soon be in reality. A few different models are being tested now, and while they are not completely autonomous yet, they do make driving a safer experience, especially when it comes to things that are difficult for humans to do quickly enough, like an emergency break.

Letting your child get behind the wheel of a car is still a difficult thing to do, but it is probably the best time ever for them to be doing it and it is only going to get safer.

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