Nine Months To Go, Time To Setup The Nursery!

Nine Months To Go, Time To Setup The Nursery!

Your wife is having a baby, wonderful news right? Well, yes it is and don’t let the fact that you’ve only got nine months to get the nursery ready stop you cracking open the bottle of champagne. The non-alcoholic bottle of champagne, I might remind you. You see? I knew you would start to panic because already there’s a lot to do. You have to buy the crib, paint the room, get the toys and make the home safe. I suggest you think about making your home safe first. The crucial buy is going to be the baby gate for the stairs. I know what you’re thinking. They don’t start crawling straight away! Oh, my friend, it happens far sooner than you think. Tick this box off now, and your wife will thank you later, trust me. Now that’s out the way, be sure to buy some covers for the plug holes. The last thing you want is them sticking their fingers in them. Trust me, they stick their fingers in everything they can get their hands on. After a few short weeks or months, your home will be fully baby safe. Now it’s time for the big job. It’s time, drum roll please, to prepare the nursery.

Don’t Trap Your Fingers In The Crib! 

If I were you, I’d suggest buying the crib in store rather than online for a fairly sensible reason. I have heard horror stories from dads that ordered the crib online only to find the instructions weren’t in English. Good luck getting it setup when you’re trying to learn Japanese by reading the instruction manual. Or, possibly Swedish? There’s another advantage of buying in store too. They might offer the possibility of setting up the crib for you and you’ll want to take them up on this offer. It will save you hours of stress when your wife is already reaching dangerously high hormone levels.

Buy A Mobile

This is going to be your new best friend once the baby comes, trust me. Kids cry all the time. For the first few days, you’ll be lucky to get even a few minutes sleep. But if you switch the mobile on, you might get lucky. It could send them right into la la land as soon as you lay them down. I feel I should offer a disclaimer here and tell you that I can’t promise this result. However, I have seen it work wonders in the past so make of that what you will.

A Blankey, A Toy?

Basically, you need anything for the little one to hold for comfort. Okay, maybe not anything but how about combining those two ideas of a blanky and a toy. Not sure what I’m getting at? Don’t worry because Makaboo has them and they are called lovies. Half blanky, half plushy, your little one soon won’t go anywhere without their stuffy.

Gender Neutral?

You might want to be careful painting your kid’s room if you don’t know the sex of the baby. It can be a bit awkward if you end up with a boy and have a fluorescent pink room. Of course, I would never recommend you paint a baby’s room this color. In fact, it might be best to opt for gender-neutral colors like a pastel orange or yellow.

One last tip? Don’t forget to buy a baby monitor. Without this, you’ll constantly be running back and forth from your room to the little one. Then again, who am I kidding? You’re going to be doing that anyway when your paranoia rises after you can’t hear the baby for five seconds on the monitor.

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