It’s Ok To Be Romantic Without A Special Day, You Know?

It's Ok To Be Romantic Without A Special Day, You Know?

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With Valentine’s Day out of the way, maybe it’s time to start thinking about the last time you really took the chance to show your partner you love her, just for the sake of it.  As much of an old romantic you may believe you are, a bunch of flowers and dinner on a day we are encouraged to celebrate, will probably have less impact than surprising her out of the blue with a long lasting gift she will treasure for life.

Whilst it may not sound like the most romantic gift in the world, presenting your wife or girlfriend with a stunning timepiece is a beautiful way to remind her you are there, every minute of the day.  There are plenty of companies offering a bespoke service on engraving so you can make sure this gift is completely personal. You don’t have to go wild and buy her a four figure Rolex.  Even the latest Apple iWatch with a line or two on the back, would be a great present to bust out on your average date night.

It's Ok To Be Romantic Without A Special Day, You Know?

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Of course the ultimate gift for most women, and according to the song their true best friend, are diamonds.  You’ll be forgiven for choking on your coffee and the thought of running up your credit card just for the sake of a romantic gesture, most of us only stretch to this precious stone when we are popping the question.  However a small diamond in a silver ring can help take the sting out of the finances.  As too can purchasing earrings or other smaller items.  Get to grips with the best brands by checking out Your Diamond Guru and then prepare to see her eyes lit up and to become the man who can do no wrong, for a week or two.

Girls love shoes.  If you have managed to find yourself a girl who doesn’t have some kind of shoe obsession, whether it be flats, heels or trainers then keep her close and never let her go! Of course you won’t have a woman like that because they just don’t exist.  Whatever her style invest in something stunning.  Most women would love a pair of designer shoes in their collection and there are few lusted after as much as the gorgeous red soles of Christian Louboutin.  They do a complete range from flat to formal and even rather obnoxious trainers.  Check out his men’s range too, not for the low key guy but a cool way of twisting up your work suit!

Handbags, handheld tablets, make up, perfume, you know the drills gents.  Make an effort and enjoy her happiness.  It’s worth it and will bring you closer together.

Whatever you choose, just make sure it is something that will last her a lifetime and she can keep close to her.  It’s important for those we love to remember we treasure them and you don’t need a special occasion to do that, it’s worth realizing that every day we spend with the people we love, is a special occasion.  Celebrate that!

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