Why Owning a Car Doesn’t Make You a Man

Something that many parents teach their children is the art of driving. You usually need a car to get around town and you need a vehicle to carry around your friends and family. At least, that’s what many of us are brought up to believe. However, there’s no reason why we can’t change that tradition. After all, car prices are soaring and the costs of maintaining one can make someone insane. On the contrary, public transport is getting better, alternate methods of transport are getting cheaper and the need for a car is slowly starting to become a non-factor—especially if you live in a busy city.

Why Owning a Car Doesn't Make You a Man


Motorcycles are equally as manly

In fact, some people would argue that a motorcycle is far more practical, stylish and better looking. It’s also much more intimate to ride a motorcycle with your partner than sitting side by side in a car. The roaring engine accompanied by typical motorcycle clothing is a sight to behold on the streets. Some children might find it far more interesting to ride on a motorcycle than a car because they might be used to two-wheeled transportation from riding a bicycle or scooter, meaning it’s easier for them to get the hang of it from a younger age. The costs of obtaining and maintaining a motorcycle are also much lower than a regular car. Although you won’t be able to carry lots of things inside of a motorcycle, there is another alternate type of vehicle that will.

Pickup trucks are more manly than a sports car

Sure, a pickup might not have all the crazy engine screams and electronic devices, but it does beat other cars in another area: space. If you’re a real family man, then you’ll understand the importance of carrying countless bags of shopping in addition to flat pack furniture and large appliances. A pickup truck is going to have far more space to carry your shopping than any other fancy vehicle. They’re comfortable, customizable and comforting to ride in thanks to the raised suspension, meaning you get a clearer view of the road when you drive. It might not be the most stylish looking vehicle (although many pickup owners would beg to differ) but it’s certainly practical and manly.

Practicality over style

Dads all over the world are concerned with their style so they turn to outlets such as their vehicle to show that they haven’t lost their touch. However, they fail to realize that style isn’t everything in life, and when it comes to making a decision such as buying a vehicle, it’s not as simple to make as buying a pair of sunglasses or a shirt. For instance, having a bike is infinitely more useful for your health and fitness when traveling regular short distances. If you drive a car for five minutes, pull over and then go back inside a couple of minutes later, then you’re learning bad habits and you’re going to be teaching your kids the same things. It’s a waste of money, there are cheaper and more practical options, and it’s not as cool or manly as you might think.

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