Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Today I’d like welcome back guest blogger, Peter Minkhoff.  Peter was so kind to provide a post on Father’s Day (which is tomorrow, ladies!).  Enjoy!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’re assuming you are looking to make the dad of your family happy and appreciated. Whether you are shopping for your husband (who’s recently become the father of your bundle of joy, hence the father attribute) or you are hoping to find something worthy of your wonderful dad, showing them you care by purchasing a gift that will bring a smile to their face is the best thing you can do – especially if they’ve been the best father in the world!

No matter how challenging picking the right present is, with the right guidance and fresh ideas – all is possible. To help you out, we’ve put together a great list that will most definitely make your never-ending dilemmas go away.
Without further ado…

A classic watch

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Vintage or new, a classic watch will make every man happy. Timeless and chic, men watches are that one piece of accessories that can turn even the dullest of outfits into amazing attires, so you want to be super careful with the style and color of the watch you are choosing. Before actually purchasing the watch, take your man’s taste into account – don’t just pick something you’d want to see on his wrist, but something he’ll be happy to flaunt around.

Adding the inscription would be absolutely wonderful; a note like “to the best father”, “you are an amazing father”, “i love you”, “the time spent with you is making everything better” and similar will make his heart melt.

An extended weekend

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes! This present would make anyone happy, let alone a tired businessman and a father; you can make this present a joint venture and tag along or simply give that man some rest and let him enjoy his time. Try to find out (although you may already have this information) what his desired destination is, and book a room in the best hotel you can. Foot the bill and just present him with the ticket. He’ll be overjoyed!

A gym membership

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Being a parent usually associates with getting out of shape and letting yourself loose; unfortunately, this is not something parents do intentionally – it just happens. Not that we’re suggesting the man you are buying a present for is out of shape but we’re simply putting it out there. Staying fit and healthy is amazing in every sense and buying a six-month gold membership card for that man will definitely make him happy. Follow up with some trendy gym wear for men – and you’ll see him glow with happiness!

Take him shopping

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

More often than not, busy fathers forget to take care of themselves and their personal style but rather focus on juggling their careers and, at the same time, staying amazing dads and husbands. To give the father some confidence and remind him how hot he used to be, be the wind at his back and take him shopping. Followed by a luxurious lunch and a day out, this one will be a real thrill. Or, you can always gift him a shopping voucher for his favorite brand and let him go on his own time. Either way – it’ll work!

A gadget/video game

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Men are crazy about their gadgets and video games, so buying that phone he’s been eyeing for the last few months or the latest edition of his favorite game will make him love you more than ever! These types of gifts can get a bit costly, though – but you’ll do anything for love, right?

The point of celebrating Father’s Day is to show your love, appreciation and gratitude to that one man in your life that’s made or is still making all the difference. Make sure you do well and make him happy. One little gift can make someone’s entire month… a year, or a lifetime. Good luck!

Peter Minkoff is a writer at  He can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter @MinkoffPetter

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