The Perfect Gift for a Music-Loving Dad

If you’ve been involved with music for a long time, then you probably have an undying passion for all things related to music. Whether it’s your love for old-school “dad rock” bands such as Van Morrison, Queen or Pink Floyd, or your passion for club classics and disco tunes, there are plenty of gifts you can receive that will give you a boost of happiness and some feelings of nostalgia. So whether you’re planning to give a gift for another dad, you’re a resourceful child look to gift their dad something, or if you’re not sure what to ask for from your family, here are a couple of choices for music-loving dads.

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Classic Vinyls

When was the last time you handled or listened to a vinyl? Most likely a very long time ago, judging by how rare and expensive it is to set up a vinyl player and hook it up to all the digital systems we have now. But thanks to websites like Vinyl Vintage that are trying to keep the old medium alive, we can easily learn about all the best vinyl players to buy, sound systems to go along with them and where to buy classic collections of vinyl. If you already have a vinyl player, then you could update your knowledge with some books, increase your collection with a couple of classic vinyl or improve your setup with some new audio gear that can fine tune your listening experience.


Learning to play an instrument is a fantastic hobby that is surprisingly quick to learn thanks to all the online resources available nowadays. Don’t be put off by the steep learning curve—as long as you enjoy yourself and you learn slowly, you can get a lot of fun out of a simple guitar or even an electric keyboard. You could even play together with your child and teach them all about an instrument if you have some experience. It’s a fantastic bonding experience, but you could also take your instruments over to your friend’s home and play together as well.

Personalized Gold Disc

A gold disc is a sign of a successful producer or artist, but it also makes a fantastic novelty gift for anyone you know that has a burning passion for music. Have their name engraved, the date they received it and some other in-jokes and you’ll have a winner for a beautiful, stylish and nostalgic gift that anyone would love.

Digital Music Items

If you’re a dad that hasn’t completely grasped the digital age yet, then you might be surprised to find that all of your classic favorites have probably been digitized and are now available to listen online for free or even on your phone through an app such as Spotify. If you’ve yet to join the digital age, then getting a smartphone, some good headphones or even an MP3 player will give you all the nostalgic music feelings you want, and you’ll find yourself browsing an endless online library of music.

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