Preserving And Creating Memories For Years To Come

An important part of parenting is actually allowing yourself and your family to live their lives. It can be hard to take notice of what is going on before our eyes with the world rushing around us.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to capture special events and preserve them for the future. As important as it is to record memories, it’s better to be able to take a step back, relax and rewind – so the entire family can enjoy the memories of times past to inspire them all to create memories in the future.

Technology is absolutely crucial when capturing memories as it’s the only way to do it unless you’re a dab hand at art and willing to spend hours drawing a life portrait. Cameras and recorders are the tools of the trade here.

Cameras can be found everywhere nowadays and the high-end smartphones can really compete with an SLR camera. If your smartphone is lacking in the lens department, consider an upgrade. The Sony Xperia line are known for their fantastic cameras, but the latest iPhone 7 can’t be matched, except by the new Google Pixel. You’ll have to spend a lot here to get ready, and that is the same if you’re more of a traditionalist – SLR cameras can capture great stills and record clear video, but they are going to cost you – the choice is yours and the ball is in your court.

Preserving And Creating Memories For Years To Come


There are unique ways to record special moments and perhaps none more unique than a panoramic camera. Something like the Panono 360 Degree is simple to use and creates an awesome unique image. Perfect for holidays or events, you basically pair it to your phone and snap away. You’ll have some one-of-a-kind mementos left afterwards.

There’s a lot of work to do afterwards though.There are ways to make your memories look good and better than ever via editing. Thankfully, editing videos and photos is easier than ever before thanks to apps like Snapseed and software like the Adobe Suite. Editing is a great way to make your photos look as good as they deserve to.

Once your memories are created and displayed, it’s time to preserve them. You can print them out and shrine them physically, or store them on your computer to be played when it is required of them. If they aren’t going to be looked at in a while it’s best to take them from your computer and upload them to cloud or even physical storage. You should consider both options though. Physical storage is great for sharing as you can download your memories onto CD’s (replicate from the master copy with a service like Nationwide, though) and share them with family members.

There’s no end to the ways of capturing and preserving memories. Just make sure that there is no end to the amount of memories that are created!

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