Rip My Heart Out, Georgia!

In what will most definitely become one of the most remembered games between the hedges, I was forced to watch my beloved Georgia Bulldogs blow a 17-0 lead to the Vols. Georgia played a solid first half, but let a few bonehead penalties do them in towards the end of the game.

My stress level last night was at an all time high as the game went on into the 4th quarter. I couldn’t sit still during the last few minutes of the game, and when Jacob Eason hit his receiver for a 47 yard go ahead TD with 10 seconds left, I thought for sure UGA was going to hold on for the win.

Hail Mary passes have such a low percentage in all levels of football, but to see the Vols throw one last night was one that definitely beat the odds.  Dobbs threw a perfect strike to his receiver to cap off another come back win. I’m impressed with the way the Vols have fought back every game this year, and clearly look like the team to beat in the SEC East.

Still, it was like the Dawgs ripped out my heart. I went from laughing at shocked UT fans to cursing and throwing things around the house when the Hail Mary was thrown.

After the dust had settled, though, it really made me realize:  Why am I getting so worked up over a GAME?  Yes, I am passionate about my team and really want them to win, but in the grand scheme of it all, it’s still just a GAME. I can’t control the outcome of any football game as an armchair QB so why am I screaming, cursing, and throwing things around?

I hope UGA bounces back next week against SC, but I’m not about to let my life continue to revolve around it. It’s a game, but nothing more. I’m proud of my team and the way they fought, but I just can’t let them rip my heart out like that again.

We always seem to have high expectations in life, but then things seem to go the opposite way than we planned.  There are so many things that I CAN control in life, so why let a sport on TV control me?

In reality, I can control my demeanor, my attitude, and my response to things – not just in football.  How I react has no affect on the game whatsoever, so why react that way? I’m not perfect by any means, but last night just went to prove that I went above and beyond the reaction really necessary to a game.

I’ll always be a big-time UGA fan, and I wish them success in the future, but this is the absolute last time I’m letting external factors make me turn into a nut job.  I have 4 kids, a full-time job, and more important things going on to let a game ruin my attitude.

It’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldog.  Sic ’em!

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  1. As a Tennessee fan, I must say that was an ending you could not have written twice. That was a crazy ending, I know the feeling because there were moments of the game where you feel apart of the action! UGA should rebound big time against SC while we got the two toughest games of the year next in A&M and Alabama.

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