A Sample Of 2017’s Most Eagerly Awaited Cars

2016 is almost over, but with its ending comes exciting times. There are some great cars arriving in 2017, each bringing a new era of automotive technology. So take a break from Christmas shopping and have a look at some of the best coming releases of next year.

Aston Martin DB11

Okay it isn’t an affordable practical car, but every petrolhead appreciates the iconic Aston Martin DB range. The James Bond classic is making a return in lightweight aluminum with a supercharged V12 engine which manages a staggering 660 horsepower. The DB11’s interior has been designed for nothing but comfort and even has decent storage space meaning you could even take it on a road trip. The luxurious supercar is a prime reason 2017 looks so enticing and it is turning heads at every autoshow across the globe.

Mercedes E-Class

The new 2017 E-Class exudes technological innovation. It is touted as one of the smartest cars in the world and comes with cruise control which can stay in lane even without lane markings. The car can effectively change speed to by processing other car’s speeds using its onboard camera and navigation settings. The car pioneers autonomous driving and is the next step into the exciting new world of driverless driving. Beginning at just 40,000 the E-Class is even slightly affordable, but, if out of your price range don’t fret, there are some stunning used Mercedes-Benz for sale.

A Sample Of 2017's Most Eagerly Awaited Cars


Hyundai Ioniq

The green car market is gradually getting bigger as consumers put more faith in the ever improving technological output of electric and hybrid automobiles. The Ioniq attempts to become the best in the market and offers CO2 emissions of around 34g/km, one of the industries best. It also comes with three drive chain models, giving the consumer a great choice. The hybrid edition can go 25 miles on the battery alone. Yet when fully charged, the purely electric version of the car can go as far as 110 miles on one charge.

Apple Car

A mere rumour at the moment, but judging how apple have shaken up each market they’ve released in this could be big news which could potentially change the automotive market for years to come. Known as project titan the car is talked of in hushed whispers with rumours stating it could be self-drive. Apple have the financial clout to build any kind of car they want, but being constant innovators it seems logical to believe they’re pioneering some form of new or cutting edge technology. Find out everything we know about the car so far here.

So there we have it, a small glimpse into the imminent future covering practical green cars, sleek beautiful business saloons, the wonderful DB11 and the wacky clandestine Apple Car. A cross section of what’s to come which shows us the great technological feats and engineering masterclass required to build such machines, it does make me wonder that if we can build such things in 2017, what does the future hold?


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