Say Yes To Pets!

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Say Yes To Pets!

Kids love the idea of owning a pet because let’s face it who doesn’t want someone to play with all the time! However, while children are off imagining what adventures they’d have with their dog, or if they’ll be able to take their cat to show and tell. It’s the parents who are often left wondering about more practical things such as potential vets bills, pet insurance and where the animals would need to stay when you’re on holiday.

Stay Healthy Longer

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Say Yes To Pets!

Even though non-pet people believe that houses with dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits or anything with fur are messier actually the opposite is true. Having a pet helps you to keep things tidy, run a vacuum around the house to get rid of loose hairs and make sure bedding is cleaned or aired out regularly to avoid nasty smells. Children who grow up with a pet such as a cat or a dog are often less prone to allergies, and studies also show that they have a lower chance of developing asthma. Pets not only provide hours of fun but they encourage us to stay active too because dogs don’t walk themselves!

Kids are always moving around while running and playing with dogs which means they tend to be outside far more than non-pet families. It’s also good to note that pet owners don’t visit the doctor nearly as often as other people and research has shown petting a dog can help to combat depression, anger issues, and even lower high blood pressure.


Teach Children Responsibility

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Say Yes To Pets!

Looking after a pet properly involves time, patience, putting other people first and understanding the importance of a daily routine. For instance, a dog needs to be toilet trained, fed and watered, walked, played with and groomed. Showing children the correct way to check and brush their dog’s fur as well as buying the right grooming tools for your dog means assuming responsibility for their pet’s appearance. Pet’s are living things too, so it’s vital that your kids, especially older ones, understand about their animal’s diet, exercise, playtime routine, and that pet related chores i.e. feeding needs to be done on time which then teaches them organization skills.


Improve Self-Confidence

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Say Yes To Pets!

Does your child struggle with reading? Dyslexic kids or those who are slow readers often find it easier to practice with a pet than with anyone else. Why? Well, even though we think they understand us animals don’t speak English which means they can’t answer back or criticize so your child can read aloud at their own pace. Academics insist that young boys who have pets often grow up to be more nurturing caregivers and more emotionally connected adults.

Bathing your dog, cuddling up with your cat or feeding your guinea pig by hand is seen as perfectly acceptable and in a way follows the same pattern of love and attention that parents need to give their children. Kids who own pets are often more outgoing, self-confident and friendly than those who don’t and also have better self-esteem as well as being less likely to suffer from stress, insomnia, loneliness and anxiety.

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