Serious Health Problems Affecting Modern Men That All Dads Need To Be Aware Of

These days, there are so many serious health problems affecting the modern man. So, I thought it would be beneficial to talk about three of the biggest issues to help you understand why they’re so serious and how you can deal with them.

Serious Health Problems Affecting Modern Men That All Dads Need To Be Aware Of



Mental health problems tend to affect a lot of modern men. The society we live it seems to view men as incredibly masculine. Any sign of emotion or weakness is met with laughter and mockery. As a result, many men with depression don’t speak out, and their problem gets worse. Most people think it’s just a feeling of severe sadness, which isn’t the case. Depression kills so many men every year. You see plenty of rich and famous celebrities kill themselves because of this mental health issue. If you feel like you have depression, then you must speak out and talk to someone. Every man that’s survived depression has said that talking about it was the best thing they did. Don’t join the millions of men that suffer in silence because a cry for help is deemed a sign of weakness.

Prostate Cancer

In general, cancer is a massive health problem that affects men, women, everyone. However, prostate cancer is one of the most worrying cancers affecting modern men. It’s become more and more common, largely down to the fact most men don’t get checked for it. We’re scared to get a rectal exam when we really shouldn’t be. The problem is that this cancer is undetectable in the early stages unless you get examined. You’ll only notice symptoms when it starts to get worse. If you get your prostate checked every year or so then, you limit the risks of this cancer affecting you. If you’re found to have prostate cancer, then there are ways to get rid of it early on. You’ll need surgery, which can put you out of action for a while and you’ll have to go through prostate surgery recovery too. But, it’s worth it as you can get rid of the cancer and keep yourself healthy and free from worry.

Poor Posture

You might think it’s a bit absurd to put poor posture on the same list as depression and cancer. By no means am I saying this is a life threatening illness like the other two potentially are. However, it’s still a serious health problem that affects most modern men. The way we live our lives all revolves around excessive sitting. We sit at work, in the car, at home. To add to this, we’re often hunched over typing on a keyboard or staring down at our phones. All of this leads to numerous postural issues that are bad for your body and health. You develop back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain – the list goes on and on. Poor posture can also make it difficult to do regular things like play with your kids and have fun. The worst thing is, this is an issue that will set you up for a horrible future. You’ll be hunched over when you’re older and have so many pains to deal with. See a physical therapist and fix your dodgy posture for good.


Be aware of all three of these problems as they can be seriously damaging to your health.


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