Dealspotr: Share Deals, Earn Rewards!

Dealspotr: Share Deals, Earn Rewards!

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As a daddy of 4 kids and a house size of 6 people, the last thing I want to do is pay full price for something the family needs when there are deals for that item available.  My wife and I have always made it a practice of finding good sales and not purchasing things that aren’t on sale.  With that practice comes a lot of time logged online scouring different coupon sites looking for the best deals.  Trying to find good deals is time-consuming and not always easy.  Looking for coupons and deals shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out.  It should be fun, easy, AND you should get rewarded for it.

Dealspotr  is lightyears ahead of other coupon and discount sites.  If you are looking for a much better way of finding only the deals you want AND a way to be rewarded for it, you’ll want to read my review of Dealspotr.

What is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr is a site where its members can post both online and in-store deals, promo codes, coupons for the opportunity to earn points towards rewards such as Amazon gift cards.

Using Dealspotr

Signing up for a Dealspotr account is easy. You can either connect using your Facebook account or by completing a simple registration form.  Once you are connected and have completed your new user checklist, you now have access to your personalized dashboard.

Dealspotr: Share Deals, Earn Rewards!

The great thing about Dealspotr is that you can customize your feed to only those deals you want to see.  This feature is not available on many other deal sites.  With Dealspotr, you can filter down to the specific type of promotion as well as the name of the store offering the deal.

On the left side of the dashboard, there is a nifty little tool to help filter down to what you want to see.  This makes it very easy to customize the deals and filter out the ones you don’t want to see.

Dealspotr: Share Deals, Earn Rewards!

Share the wealth

Dealspotr is a social network for everyone looking for deals.  If you see something you like and a deal that works well, share it on your social media account, give it a thumbs up, and follow other subscribers.

Save for later

If you find a deal you like, but you don’t have time to use it right away, use Dealspotr’s thumbtack feature. Thumbtacking a deal will set a reminder for you to save the deal.  The neat thing about this feature is that if you forget about the deal later on, Dealspotr automatically notifies you about it the day before the deal expires.  Cool, huh?

Dealspotr: Share Deals, Earn Rewards!

Earning Your First Gift Card

Nothing is more satisfying than earning your first gift card!  Dealspotr awards you points for not only adding new deals, but editing and validating other deals.  Helping others save money and time is the name of the game.  Plus, who doesn’t want free stuff, right? It only takes 10,000 points to get your first Amazon gift card. The sooner you participate, the faster you are on your way to freebies!

Refer Your Friends to Dealspotr

Dealspotr gives you your very own personal referral code. This means that you can use it to refer family and friends to use Dealspotr.  When they join Dealspotr, you get a commission.  An added bonus is that you can get 20 percent of all of the points they earn for the life of their account – very nice!

My Overall Opinion of Dealspotr

Finding deals should be easy, but that’s not always the case with other sites. I get really frustrated when I am prompted for a promo code for a product I’m purchasing online, only to find pages and pages of EXPIRED coupons – UGH!  I always think to myself, “Why do these sites house expired or non-functioning coupons?” What a waste of time!  I just want to find a quick discount or free shipping code and move on with my life.

Dealspotr is the game changer for those of us looking to save money and time. I haven’t been using the site for very long, but it is very intuitive and has a very friendly layout. What I like the most about it is that I don’t have to worry about deals that don’t interest me.  I can focus on what I’m looking for and ignore the rest.  A customizable feed is something that Dealspotr has that other sites lack.  I absolutely love it.


  • A super-easy and FREE registration process makes joining a breeze!
  • Members work together to validate and post only the best deals. Codes that have expired or no longer work are routinely removed off of the site.  This is NOT true of other coupon websites.  Their coupons seem to stay on FOREVER!
  • User-friendly dashboard – customize your feed to only what you want to see.
  • Very easy process to add a deal.
  • Earn points by sharing, not by purchasing.
  • You can earn 20% of the points generated from your referrals – for life! Awesome!


  • Amazon gift cards are the only source of reward at this time. I would like to see them expand their reward offerings in the future.
  • The referral code sharing feature does not allow the option to email to friends and family. You can only share through social media. I had to copy and paste my code into an email and send it out. It would save time to have the option to hit an email button that would automatically insert the referral code into a preformatted email.
  • Screen shots are required in order to validate a deal works. This makes the process last a little longer.

Ready to Join?

Joining is easy!  Earn 1,000 points just for signing up!  Here’s my referral link to join! Happy saving!

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