ShareASale Review: Affiliate Marketing Platform

ShareASale Review: Affiliate Marketing Platform

All of my blog posts may contain affiliate links. This means I’ll receive a commission for any products/services you purchase through them. It’s not a lot, but enough to help keep this blog up and running!  Thank you for your support!

Are you a new blogger just starting out and need a way to monetize your blog? Are you a veteran blogger looking for additional income? ShareASale’s Affiliate Marketing Platform is perfect for bloggers looking for a way to bring in additional income from blogging. Making money as an affiliate used to be far-fetched, but these days, it’s very possible and is happening to bloggers just like me.  I won’t lie – it’s extremely hard work promoting merchant content, but once you start seeing the money roll into your account, it makes it all worthwhile.

The great thing about ShareASale is that it is so easy to choose from  over 2,000 merchants who have signed up to have their products promoted by bloggers like us.  You can work with big names, like Gymboree or Cricut, or work with smaller companies such as Little Passports.  New merchants join every day!

Each merchant’s commission is different so you will want to read the fine print when you decide to apply for a merchant’s program. Viewing your activity and earnings is very easy via a custom report you can run.  Reports tell you where the traffic comes from and what link was clicked.  The payment threshold is low – only $50.

ShareaSale also offers a referral program.  Get paid for referring other bloggers! 

Here’s are a few of my favorite programs in ShareASale:
  • Animoto (cloud-based video creation service)
  • Beau-coup (unique wedding favors, baby shower favors and party supplies for all occasions)
  • Blurb (self-publishing platform that enables their users to create, self-publish, promote, share, and sell their own print and ebooks)
  • CellSavers (rapid cell phone repair service)

If you are thinking about joining, there is no cost to do so.  You do have to be approved by the merchant, but odds are you will be.  Happy marketing!

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