Skills Your Children Will Need For University

So, your kids are growing up. It all happens so fast and they will soon be off to university. You need to ensure they go with the right skills. Sure, they will pick some of them up during their time at university, but there are some you should try to instil in them before they go to give them the helping hand they really need. You may have already picked up on some of these, but there are likely other things you can do for your child that are quite important if you want to give them the best chance of succeeding. Here are some hints and tips that you can use right away. Your child may be resistant to one or two, but as long as they know you’re doing them for the right reasons they should be fine.

Interview Skills

To get into a good university there is usually an interview that tests your child. You must be sure they have certain skills to ensure you pass the interview. There are certain precautions you can take. Consider sending them to a college admissions coach so they can learn what to say and do. They will also need interview skills for any jobs they try to get in university that can help them pay for their studies and again in later life. The only way you can prepare them for this is by helping them and giving them hints and tips. Do your research and look, try to find the university’s method of interviewing. Ask people who have already done it and explore all available chat rooms. You can soon find yourself an expert on the university in questions methods and means and impart the information straight onto your child.

Skills Your Children Will Need For University


Cooking Skills

The life of a student is a frugal one. One where they need to live on their own at last and realise how much food and such like costs. They won’t be able to get takeaway every night, and sometimes will have to cook for themselves and even others if they take it in turn. You can help out here, teach them the basics before they go. How to make pasta for example, or how to boil an egg. There are all kinds of little cooking hints and tips you can send them away with. Make sure they can do basic things like operate an oven and a microwave. They are already likely proficient with a lot of things, just make sure they know how so you can rest easy, otherwise you’ll just be worried about whether they are eating or not. Perhaps send them to university with a student cookbook with easy tips and quick methods. Cooking skills are a must if they are going away from home so don’t send them off unprepared.

Can They Drive

If the university is close by it may be easier to drive to and from university than get public transport. If they are living in a large city they may be some distance from the university itself and as such need transport to get there. Learning at university is not the best of ideas because there will already be lots to think about, so make sure they learn before they leave. Buy them driving lessons and ensure they you give them the extra practice they need to succeed in their eventual test. Knowing how to drive is a skill best learnt at the earliest age. If they can drive in university you’ll be much more happy knowing they have the right kinds of transport and are safe behind the vehicle.

The Skill To Let Criticism Roll Off

If they have exceeded their whole life and know how to get the grades then they may be in for a shock come university. It is much harder and a different world entirely to that of high school. They need to be able to accept criticism. They may get bad essay results or even get into an argument with someone they are living with. They need to be able to let it roll straight off and get back into it. There isn’t really a way you can prepare them for this. Instead you just need to tell them they may not excel at everything, that there will be a learning curve. If they accept this it will be much easier when it actually happens. It can still be a shock, but a shock that has been mitigated by proper preparation. Accepting criticism in a good way is the mark of a great person.

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