Sponsored Post Guidelines

If your post is for a website that is not a personal blog, it will be considered a sponsored post and the following guidelines apply:

  • Post must be a minimum 500 words.  It can be written by you or me.
  • 2 links may be included for every 500 words. $3 per link thereafter.
  • All links MUST be NOFOLLOW.
  • All sponsored posts will include a disclaimer at the top of the page explaining that they are sponsored. NO EXCEPTIONS. Go Ask Your Daddy adheres to all FTC guidelines.
  • Must be original content not previously published elsewhere. You must also agree to not publish to your own site or to someone else’s site.  However, feel free to share through social media and link to it as much as you want.
  • All posts will be checked for plagarism through Copyscape.  Posts that do not past Copyscape will be rejected and no further submissions to Go Ask Your Daddy will be accepted.
  • I reserve the right to edit content to fit my website as desired.

Cost: $50 with the content published within 30 days of receipt.  Payment can be made through PayPal and must be submitted within 48 hours of the publish date. I reserve the right to remove the posts for non-payment past the 48 hour period.

***It is a violation of FTC law for paid links to be listed on my blog without clearly informing my readers that I was compensated for posting the content.  If you do not wish for this disclosure to appear in your post, please do not submit content to Go Ask Your Daddy.  I adhere to all FTC guidelines at all times.

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