Sports That Build Bonds Between Dads And Their Kids

Sports That Build Bonds Between Dads And Their Kids

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The world is changing and equality is near leveling out, and with that has come a bigger role for dad’s to play in their kid’s lives. But evenings and weekends don’t constitute enough quality time, not when you fall into a routine of playing video games with your kids, or just watching TV.

No, the best way to bond with them is to get out there and do something together, some sort of active sport that brings you and them into the great outdoors. These are the things they will remember and the memories you will cherish. It is a chance to enjoy that all-important one-on-one time with them, to laugh with them, to huff and puff next to them, and to support them in their growth.

As such, we’ve come up with a quick list of the best bonding sports you can play with your kids. Enjoy.


It is a rite of passage this one. There are so many things where the mummy takes the lead in their upbringing, but cycling is not one of them. That is a dad lesson, and the moment your kid starts peddling away from you all on their own is a real proud dad moment. But this should just be the beginning because nothing brings dad and child closer together than a long, muddy bike ride. Is your chance to get away from the humdrum of it all and enjoy some quality family time.


As one of the least strenuous and most all-day sports going, this provides you ample time to bond with your kid. Stood side by side at the tee, encouraging each other and helping them perfect their swing. Then there are the long walks down the fairway to talk the day away. But that isn’t all because let’s be honest, there is the chance to be a little mischievous as well, you know, on the golf carts. As such, it is well worth checking out some golf cart reviews to see which are the fastest and steadiest, because nothing is going to make you both laugh as much as doing donuts on a golf cart, let’s be honest.


Kids seem to adore tennis from such an early day now, which probably has something to do with how light the racquets are nowadays. As such, why not get involved with their obsession. Don’t let them just hit a ball against a wall for hours; be that wall instead. Take them to the nearest courts, teach them a backhand, laugh with them, be proud of them and get fit at the same time. What more could you want from a bonding session?


Or canoeing, they are basically the same thing. What we are getting at here, though, is that messing around on the water is really fun, and one of the best catalysts of a long-term memory. It’s your chance to hop into a double kayak and wade through waters, chatting away as you paddle, learning something about each other in an entirely new environment. And it is bound to end in some laughs because there is a chance to splash each other.

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