Sports & Warts! Exercising Your Kids

It is a dreaded word for most people, let alone children, but exercise is something that conjures up images of running out in the driving rain, usually against your will. Or maybe being shouted at by a gym instructor/army drill sergeant to do 5 more pushups, when in actual fact, it’s 50 more! If you, as a parent, are filled with dread at the thought of exercise, how can you expect your kids to do it? It’s difficult as a family to find time to do anything together, but getting fit needs to be a priority, for them and for you! So here are some simple ideas to get exercising together as a family.

Make It Fun!

Sports & Warts! Exercising Your Kids

The biggest trick to making children exercise is to make them think they haven’t been doing it at all! How can we do that? By making it fun! There is nothing fun about being made to run around a field, but if you add a competitive element, or turn it into a game, then it’s a great way to get your kids to run for as long as they possibly can. There is a lot more motivation for children to run away from who is “it” than it is to do twenty laps!

Get Outdoors

Sports & Warts! Exercising Your Kids

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Something as simple as going for a walk is a good place to start because it is light cardio and it gives everyone some fresh air. Walking is good for your digestion so it can help you with losing weight. And once walking becomes boring for the kids, go for a bike ride, which will work your leg muscles and your whole body if you live in a place with plenty of rough terrains. If you live in a hilly
area, you should check out these best mountain bikes
if you haven’t got any bikes at home. They are a great investment and a very simple form of exercise that is really good for your whole body.

Join A Sports Team

Sports & Warts! Exercising Your Kids

Once you have managed to get your kids to exercise and build up their strength, the worry is that they will go back to their old ways. Maintaining a level of fitness is really important as we go through life, and it’s all about habit. So by getting your kids interested in sports or by encouraging them to join a local team or by starting a hobby like taekwondo, they can maintain their base level of fitness without any issue. Exercise is all about habit, and once it becomes ingrained, it is something that they feel they need to do. People have a phobia of exercise because it’s hard work, but the rewards that you feel after doing it, on an emotional level, as well as a physical one, are plenty. But the hardest part is getting the kids off the couch to do it, and from there you can start to introduce healthier foods and reduce the amount of sugar intake. This means you, as a parent, need to set a good example too! So get fit, not fat!

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