Still Sharing Computers? Here’s Why You Need to Get Your Kids Their Own

Computers have become and integral part of our lives. They can help us organize our day, give us a wealth of entertainment and we might even use them as part of our work or study. However, a computer is an expensive investment and it’s hard to swallow the cost. This is why many families around the world have a single computer that everyone shares—but that simply won’t do!

Still Sharing Computers? Here’s Why You Need to Get Your Kids Their Own

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As you learn to use computers and get the most out of them, you’ll start to realize that having a personal computer should be a personal thing. Although it might be expensive to get everyone in your family their very own computer or laptop, the costs are actually worth it.

Multiplayer Gaming

Gaming has always been a big reason for why people buy expensive computers. Even if you don’t have powerful specs, you can still play on gaming websites such as Unibet. You can enjoy traditional adrenaline rushes like gambling, or if you have a powerful computer you can play virtual reality games and high-octane action titles.

Gaming is becoming more and more important for families all over the world. It’s a fantastic way to connect with each other and it isn’t a hassle to set up like a board game and it’s cheaper than a night out to the cinema because once you buy a game, you have (usually) have it for life. Games such as Minecraft are great for children because it spurs their creativity and you can join them in the multiplayer mode to get creative together. Multiplayer games like Minecraft don’t support split-screen multiplayer on PC, so each person that plays needs their own computer.

Still Sharing Computers? Here’s Why You Need to Get Your Kids Their Own

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Even if you are family, there are times when you’d prefer to keep something private and having multiple user logins for each computer can become a hassle. Perhaps you don’t want your kids to see a gift you’re planning them, or perhaps your children are old enough to start worrying about their own privacy and shielding who they talk to from you. Getting your kids their own computers will enable them to start protecting their privacy which is an important lesson for the future.

As you browse the internet and rack up things in your search history, your children might stumble upon the websites you browsed and click on them. This can have a negative influence on your children depending on the type of things you’re looking at. For instance, you might be browsing offensive jokes or watching action movies with a lot of violence, and you certainly want to try and shield your child from these things.


There are times when you just need to access a computer for work but your children are doing their homework assignment. In this case, you might consider buying a laptop, but what if your children are in a similar situation in the future and they’re waiting for someone to finish using the computer? Laptops and computers are very useful devices to get work done but only a single person can use it at one time. If you buy everyone their own personal laptop, then there’s no need to wait around for your turn.

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  1. Learned this lesson the hard way! My daughter was on my laptop last year and was suddenly adding all kinds of things to her own Amazon wish list she created only she was in the shopping cart feature!

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