How To Have A Successful Holiday With Phone-Addicted Kids!

Mobile phones have been an incredible blessing to us in the 21st century thanks to their recent developments. We can navigate, educate, and communicate thanks to the power of these tiny devices.

However, our entire lives are held on phones and for those who grew up without any prior experience in a world without mobile phones, it can be hard to rip yourself away from the screen.

How To Have A Successful Holiday With Phone-Addicted Kids!

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The problem may not be an addiction in the traditional form. Older generations had to bond by going out to a bar or park because that’s the only way one could meet others. Nowadays, a mobile phone enables you to talk to as many people as you would want, whenever you want. That’s not an addiction; that’s being social.

The clash here is when you gear up and take the kids on holiday only for them to have their face plastered to a screen 24/7. That’s when the problems arise and it can be quite easy to take things personally!

One way to get around this is consistently engage your child. Ask them what they want from this vacation. Ask them to find a restaurant, waterpark, or anything they would like to visit on their phone. Get them to film you and the family taking part in activities. There’s nothing wrong with the mobile being used, so you should try and steer it being used for more social reasons that revolve around the family holiday. This can even work on the camping recess, get yourself to be filmed trying to start a fire with sticks! However, if you’re out in the sticks, you probably want something like a portable solar generator to keep everything charged up, so everyone isn’t fed up.

How To Have A Successful Holiday With Phone-Addicted Kids!

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Another option is to be reasonable and rational. Tell your kids the truth and your feelings about them using the phone during the holiday. Be honest, because that’s all you should do. Tell the kids you want to spend this holiday with them and ensure they get as much enjoyment as possible out of the occasion, as they come rarely. You want to push the idea that this is indeed limited quality time and it will run out, and normality will quickly return.

You could also join in the mobile phone fun by engaging with the kids on social media. This isn’t about being ‘embarrassing dad,’ it’s about finding cool stuff about the holiday to share with them over something like snapchat, and not your sunburnt face with a cheesy grin!

Of course, you could enact a total phone ban for the duration of the embargo, and that’s a great option, but you always have to think about one thing: are you doing this for the kids, or you? If we are trying to enact decision that affects our children, the decision should be for them and not us. Then again, you’re the one who has probably paid for the holiday, so the decision is yours to take! Just try and have the best holiday with your kids that you can – phone or no phone.


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