Survival Guide For Brand New Dads

Survival Guide For Brand New Dads

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First off, let us start with a big, fat congratulations to The Big Boy Club. You made it through the terrifying process that is the pregnancy, read every tip the internet has to offer, all the best parenting blogs and every trick in every book. You surpassed every expectation you ever had and turned out to be a great birthing partner, you heart beating at a thousand miles per hour as you see your little bundle of joy for the first time. But now that the adrenaline has subsided a bit, you may be left with a little bit of fear. This is completely normal, and also where the advice of dads who have been there and done it will come in handy. So we’ve done the amazing thing of compiling a list of advice that will help you survive while the reality and magnitude of this miracle settle in.

Spend As Much Time As You Can With Them

It is the most incredible thing, parenthood, and spending as much time as you can with your newborn is one of the most precious and rewarding things you can do, for both you and them. It used to be the mother’s job to cuddle and mollycoddle and all that. But, thankfully, times have changed, equality has started to level out on all fronts and we’ve come to realize that a dad’s love just as important to a child’s growth. As a little piece of advice, though, be tolerant. Babies need their moms more than dads, which is only natural. However, it can make you feel slightly, well, useless at times. So be tolerant, understanding, empathetic, patient and let yourself learn how you best operate as a family.

There Are Few Techniques You Should Learn

The first of these is obviously learning how to remove and replace a nappy. This may sound simple, but you are trying to wrestle a little ball of muscle into doing something they detest. You may do it nine times a day for six months and then another four times a day for two years, but they will never get used to it. So start early and find out what your best chance is off succeeding quickly and cleanly. Another great technique to learn is how to swaddle, and then learn how to take photos of them while swaddles because it is adorable. The first step, go out and buy the best swaddle blankets you can. Second step, go onto Youtube and watch tutorials. Third step, remember that there is a simple formula that goes make a diamond shape, lay baby down, tuck left, tuck right and then go in for the big finish. 

It’s All In The Eyes

The first thing newborns are drawn to is your face, and more specifically your eyes, so make sure you keep eye-contact as much as you can. It is how they look for signals, for love, for comfort and security. However, it is pretty crucial to remember that they can’t see much further than a foot in front of their face, so there is little point in holding eye-contact from the other side of the room. As such, get close, touch your nose on theirs, smile and stare. If nothing else, it is amazing.

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