Surviving Family Travel At Christmas

The modern family is a complicated one. From divorced parents to families living far away from each other, the good old days of simple family Christmases are long gone. For many, travel will be an inevitable part of the Christmas holidays as you venture from one home to another. While there’s the potential to be stressful, the following tips can help make surviving Christmas travel a breeze.

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Avoid it altogether

This may contradict everything said above, but there is some logic to it. Rather than you having to travel to visit everyone else, why not have people come to visit you? It’s an easy way to let you have a fun family Christmas in your own home and not have to worry about travelling around. This might not be the best solution for those who don’t like to entertain, but it could be one way to avoid the hassle altogether.

Get your car serviced

Winter offers some of the UK’s most dangerous driving conditions. If your car is suffering from damage or needs maintenance, this could have unfortunate consequences during the winter months. You can get a basic winter service from your local garage, or you can visit Halfords for a free winter car check by visiting Halfords or another trusted dealer.

Treat yourself to some new wheels

Loading the car up with presents, luggage and the family dog can all take its toll on your car. Rather than struggle to fit it all in, why not consider trading in your existing car for a new one from It’s a great way to get a bigger car as well a having one of the latest models packed with safety features to avoid the risk of breaking down during your journey.

Always plan your route

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Christmas is a notorious time for travel, and the best way to avoid being stuck in heavy traffic or getting lost is to plan your route in advance. Every year, the BBC puts together a handy guide to when to travel over Christmas that can help you work out what days to avoid and what sort of routes to date. A sat nav that updates with the traffic is a good thing to keep in your car, and you should try and break up your journey into shorter distances to minimise risk.

Keep some emergency supplies

Nobody wants to entertain the possibility of breaking down, but you can’t always predict the weather nor the reliability of your car. Always make sure you keep a bag of emergency supplies for your car that could help you out when needed. A portable phone charger and some blankets could be particularly useful if your car breaks down. Try to avoid driving in extreme weather to reduce your chance of breaking down or having to abandon your car in the snow. Make a list of what you need and do an inventory check regularly.

Factor in space when it comes to present buying

If you plan on spending Christmas day away from home, you’ll need to factor in how you’re going to transport the various presents – something you should consider when it comes to the size and weight of the gifts. You’ll also want to cover them up properly to avoid detection by prying eyes whose belief in Father Christmas could be shattered instantly at the sight of their gifts. Christmas postage has improved dramatically in recent years, so it may be worth having your gifts shipped straight to your destination to save hassle and free up car space.

Check for travel disruptions

As well as travelling by car, people travelling by plane or bus can also experience frustration with travel at Christmas. The Christmas holidays are a peak time for rail repairs, so you should check to see if your route is affected and to make alternative arrangements. Download travel news and service update apps to your phone to help you find out about any delays or disruptions as they happen – this could save you a lot of time and work out which routes to avoid altogether.

Travelling at Christmas requires a lot of patience and plenty of forward-planning. When driving at Christmas, or any other time of year – you must make sure to keep your family safe on the road. Practicing basic safety is important, but with the colder weather and busier driving conditions -it won’t hurt to be that little bit extra cautious to protect your family and have the wonderful Christmas you all deserve.

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