Swing While You’re Winning: Golfers to Watch in 2017

We still have a few months to wait before the golf season really gets into full swing. The Masters in April is usually the time that people start to really sit up and take notice, and from there the Major tournaments come one after another until August’s PGA Championship. Now seems like a good time to take a look at who to watch out for in 2017.

Swing While You're Winning: Golfers to Watch in 2017

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Tiger Woods

No one has done more to revolutionize golf and give it mainstream appeal than Tiger Woods. His return in 2017 has already drawn a lot of attention. Many had already written him off, and it’s been a number of years since he’s been close to winning a Major but can we really discount him altogether? As Roger Federer showed us at the Australian Open, form is temporary but class is permanent. Could this be the year that he finally silences his critics and makes the comeback that golfing fans around the world have all dreamed about? I can’t wait to find out…

Rory McIlroy

By this man’s exacting standards, 2016 was a bit of a disappointing year. No Majors to show for it and not even a Ryder Cup as consolation. Having said that, he still won his home Irish Open and the Tour Championship, netting several million dollars in the process so he’s not done too badly really! However McIlroy has always set his sights high and seems determined to join some of the sport’s most legendary names so I’m sure there’s plenty still to come from this man. Remember, he is still just 27 years of age…

Jordan Spieth

There’s no doubt that this man is a truly special talent and he seemed completely unflappable until his unbelievable collapse at last year’s Masters. However, there’s no doubt that he is the complete package and will continue pushing to add to his collection of Majors. The Masters in particular is where he will want to prove himself again and there are still plenty of opportunities to book a Masters golf package so you can see him put in his best efforts to do just this.

Hideki Matsuyama

One of the most talented Asian golfers for a long time, Matsuyama had a spectacular 2016, though he really should have topped it off with his maiden Major at the PGA Championship back in August. Nevertheless, at only 24 years old, his best golf is very much still in front of him and the world top 5 beckons.

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston

A firm favorite with fans all over the world, Beef may not look like your typical golfer but boy can he play! A debut European Tour win and a top 10 finish at The Open Championship showed this and with his legions of fans behind him, who knows what this man can achieve? He’s ready to take on the PGA Tour in 2017 and he really does seem like a warm and easygoing figure. Long may his success continue!

Swing While You're Winning: Golfers to Watch in 2017

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