4 Ways to Stay Fit on a Family Trip Abroad

4 Ways to Stay Fit on a Family Trip Abroad

With all the responsibilities that traveling involves, including your papers, insurance, tickets, accommodation, local sightseeing tickets, and other important details, it’s almost impossible to think about maintaining your fitness regime while visiting another country with your kids. In all fairness, that’s difficult even in your hometown when you consider all the things parenthood involves on a daily basis!

Still, people have tried and succeeded in staying physically active while traveling. So, before you pack your bags and make peace with the fact that you won’t be able to work up a sweat during your travel, take a look at these simple tips on incorporating a workout into your trip without compromising your family fun time!

Include it in your itinerary

If you’re visiting the French countryside or a Swiss mountain range, there will be countless options for hiking, biking or even mountain climbing for the bravest among you! For example, there are family-friendly trails in Austria that can be physically demanding, but you can always hire an experienced  professional, who’ll help you to enjoy the local wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Then again, playing football on a Copacabana beach with the locals or fellow travelers can be a memorable experience, a perfect chance for you to embarrass yourself in front of your kids and an ideal way to work out while experiencing life in a new culture. What more could you ask for from a perfect family vacation?

4 Ways to Stay Fit on a Family Trip Abroad

Exercise before breakfast

Even though you might try to use jetlag as an excuse, or the fact that you can’t be held accountable for your own actions before that first cup of coffee, including a quick bodyweight workout is a perfect way to turn your exercising into a travel habit. If there’s a park or a beach right next to where you’re staying, you can step out for a quick jog, and a few sets of pullups and pushups.

Make sure to include a brief warmup and cooldown routine to complement your exercises because you don’t want to get injured during your stay in a foreign country. Moderate morning workouts can give you the perfect energy boost for the rest of your day and help you manage your weight when you’re tempted to dive into insanely large portions of the local cuisine.

Explore local options

Visiting a completely new, exotic destination can tempt you away from your regular fitness routine, but there are creative ways you can use the local offers and turn it into a fun activity you won’t even perceive as an exercise plan! For example, visiting Australia usually ends up with entire families hurrying to see the monumental city architecture, unique culture, and untamed nature as much as possible.

To get an even more intimate taste of the Aussie lifestyle, join the local runners on the gorgeous Sydney or Adelaide coastline, explore their pristine parks. However, if you insist on sticking to your original fitness plan, you can look for some local fitness trainers in Adelaide that can motivate you and make sure you don’t skip a single workout in your routine!

4 Ways to Stay Fit on a Family Trip Abroad

Get your kids involved

If you’re traveling with toddlers and very young kids, it can be tricky to include them into your exercise regime, simply because they wouldn’t be able to keep up and you’d have to keep an eye on them all the time, making it almost impossible to stay true to your plan. However, some kids are tireless dancers and they can always challenge you to explore new moves and steps that a typical grownup would never think of.

Luckily, there are other ways you can use your traveling time to work out. The local playground is a perfect field for you to experiment with your training and include your kids in the process. Mix and match various activities to get the most out of your journey while still staying active. A good example is taking your kids for a long walk and taking photography breaks that will give them just enough time to rest. Playing volleyball or water polo as a family, or swimming with your kids can be surprisingly taxing and fun at the same time!

4 Ways to Stay Fit on a Family Trip Abroad

Whether you decide to keep your kids busy with drawing or playing in the sand while you and your better half find an innovative solution for working out, or you decide to motivate them to tag along, there is no valid excuse for taking a break from your fitness routine while traveling as a family.

Think and plan ahead, research the country you’re visiting and you’ll find a perfect way to keep those pesky pounds at bay. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new fitness passion during your travels and learn a new skill that you can continue perfecting even when you return home.