Fun Sport Activities for the Whole Family

Nowadays when kids are less active and more prone to sedentary behavior than ever, motivating them to play sports is essential for their health. Besides the physical benefits for the entire family, playing sports together can help kids excel academically and socially, develop self-confidence, and have a happier childhood. One of the most important perks is the role of being active together, and this role has a significant influence on building a healthier and stronger relationship among family members. In fact, we could even say that playing is the magic glue that keeps the family together, because during it they laugh, talk, and make up inside jokes, which eventually amount to lifelong memories. Here are some fun sport activities that will bring joy and togetherness to every family.


Playing Ball

It’s kids’ outdoor activity 101. There is almost no child in the world who doesn’t like to play some ball sports, so it shouldn’t be that hard to drag your kids away from the computer and the TV to play soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. Adapt your backyard to the activity, so you can play whenever you feel like it, or go outside and visit some local basketball, soccer, baseball, or tennis court. Include their friends, your neighbors and extended family and turn this into a regular event.


Spending time outdoor, especially in basically untouched natural surroundings, can bring more benefits to kids than playing on playgrounds specially designed to ease the play and enable surveillance. In nature, kids are mentally challenged to explore, to cultivate relationship with plants and animals and construct their own knowledge about the world. Hiking is one of the best ways to introduce your kids to naturalized environments and to spend some time together. You should choose a terrain according to the ages and levels of fitness of all the members (from the park next to your house to a nearby mountain).


Fitness Trainings

Who said exercising is boring? Kids love playing make believes, and if you encourage them to imagine they are on a fitness session, where every family member gets the chance to be a coach and a participant. Make it even more real by equipping one room with yoga mats, Pilates balls and bands, and other appropriate workout equipment. Enrich every training session with fun and motivating music.

Get in the Water

The summer sky-high temperatures are motive enough to jump into the nearest water surface. Add to it the benefits of spending quality family time and having the time of your life, and you will see why some of these water sports are the best choice for this summer. Depending on the kids’ age, you can opt for swimming, water polo, kayaking, rowing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, etc.

Taste the Adventure

If you have ever watched Tarzan (1999) with your kids, you must have noticed their thrilled looks as he swings, sways and flies on the tree branches. Why not give them the chance to experience something similar? You can visit an adventure park where you can climb on trees, climb on ladders and ropes, etc. or you can take it further by building your own mini backyard adventure park. If the kids are a bit older, you can even decide for some actual adrenaline pumping activity, such as mountain cycling, snow-boarding, kite surfing, etc. Just make safety your priority during these activities and seek for professional supervision and the necessary safety equipment.


You know how they say (or at least they should) “A family that plays together, stays together”, so give yourself and your little ones the chance to enjoy, have fun and make awesome memories together. In the end, each member of the family will benefit from it, both physically and emotionally.

2U3osmkg_400x400Zara Lewis is a mom of three kids, a designer, freelance writer and a new contributor to Go Ask Your Daddy.  She is passionate about traveling, hiking, cycling and yoga, and loves to write about things that are a part of her life that inspire her, mostly parenting, relationship and healthy lifestyle topics.  Zara is also a regular contributor to other blogs such as

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