#CleanOldFashionedHate #UGAvsGT

#CleanOldFashionedHate #UGAvsGT

I’ll always sing “Glory, Glory” and wear my red and black with pride, but today’s #UGAvsGT game made me realize how glad I was that this season had finally ended, and all that is left is a mediocre bowl game. As an avid #UGA football fan, I am not used to them losing games that they should be winning.  We lost to Vanderbilt, people. VANDERBILT!  We lost with 4 seconds left on a Hail Mary pass by the #Vols.  We were clobbered by Ole Miss, who got clobbered today by Mississippi State.  Florida has had our number for several years in a row. And now, Tech, the team we aim to kill every season, beat us in the final quarter. Enough is enough.  I’ve guzzled down an average of one to two extra beers per game this season because I just can’t watch the bad football being played.  But hey, at least the 2 hour drive south to Lexington was fun – we won that one with 3 seconds left.  That was great!

My #GeorgiaBulldogs played their hated rival, the Georgia Tech Sillynannies today and somehow found another way to lose. Was I shocked that they would lose? Not really.  Was I shocked that they lost it in this fashion? Not really. Blowing leads has been Georgia’s specialty this season.

Georgia started off very hot with their ground game.  Both Nick Chubb and Sony Michel ran the ball very well with the opening drive, but the drive stalled.  Michel ran it well over 150 yards today – if I had to pull anything out of this loss that was a positive, that was it!

Tech took their opening possession quickly down the field and managed to go up 7-0.  The triple option is hard to defend, but #UGA made #GT look like a professional team with the way they started off covering it.

#UGA quickly answered back and tied the game 7-7.  I quickly realized at that point that it was going to be a back-and-forth game all day long, and I was right for the most part.

#UGA took a 13 point lead and kept it most of the game, until the 4th quarter.  They have had all kinds of trouble this season in the 2nd half – especially against bad teams.  I won’t mention #UT or #Vandy in this conversation.

Jacob Eason played as I expected a true freshman to play in his first rendition of the rivalry game. He threw a pick at the worst possible time, though, and I don’t necessarily blame him because it was clearly a bad call on the offensive coordinator’s call. Why he elected to throw the ball on 2nd down when #UGA was trying to run out the clock was beyond me. Just plain poor coaching. But, the QB is going to take the heat for it because the ball is in his hands.

I was very surprised how quickly the tables turned in this game.  #GT scored 14 unanswered points to win the game 28-27.  I’m disappointed in the way this season turned out, but I am not overly surprised at it.  We have a brand new head coach and a true freshman QB at the helms.

Fans are going to be called for Kirby Smart’s head early on, but I think that giving him one season to turn things around was asking too much of him. Mark Richt was a solid coach. He took the #Dawgs to bowl games year after year, but could never win the big games. I think the coaching change was necessary, and I also have high respect for Kirby. We have very good potential even with the threat of Chubb possibly leaving early for the #NFLdraft.

We went 10-3 last season, which included a bowl win. We are 7-5 at this point with a possible bowl game in January. I hope the #Dawgs can pull together, forget about this loss, and try to get to 8 wins. I’m looking forward to the 2017 season.  We’ll have a sophomore QB with a year’s worth of experience, and a head coach with an okay first year in the #SEC.

My head is held high and I still get goosebumps whenever I see Sanford Stadium and the sea of red. I love the late Saturday afternoon sun with Uga sitting in his doghouse.  It’ll never get old and it’ll always be a special time when the #Dawgs take the field.

Here’s to a season that started off great, but quickly went down the drain, and the promise of a better 2017 season. GO DAWGS!



Why This Armchair Quarterback is Retiring

Why This Armchair Quarterback is Retiring

Wow!  What a wild and crazy #football season it has been this year!  There have been so many ups and downs that it makes it hard to keep one’s emotions in check.  How do we as parents keep our emotions in check when our favorite teams are not performing the way we expect them to be? How do we take winning and losing in stride to show good sportsmanship and behavior to our kids? Yes, I’m one of them “armchair quarterbacks” and today I’m announcing my retirement…

Whether it’s 1st and goal at the 1 yard line with 1 second left in the game, or 4th and long where only a miracle pass gives your team a chance to win the game, I think we dads can all say we have our moments in front of the tube. I’ve never gone as far as to destroy a TV (too freaking expensive!), but I’ve said things I wish I didn’t.  In the heat of the moment, I fail to realize that nothing I say or do impacts the game.  I’ve had childish attitudes in front of my family, and it’s stopping now.  What an embarrassment I’ve been at times just for a meaningless game on TV. I’m a daddy, and it’s time to rub off on my kids in a positive manner. Life is slipping away way too fast for my kids to see me put a ballgame ahead of other things in life.  It just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

We dads love our sports, our couch, our official NFL jerseys, but we love our families more.  In this post, I’m going to talk about why I’ve decided to ditch the stressed-out armchair #quarterback I’ve always been and take watching my favorite sports teams in stride.  You heard me!  No yelling at the TV, no throwing things, no beating traffic to get home to watch a game.  It all ends today.

Why does it end today?  Because there are 4 sets of little eyes watching every move I make, and it’s influencing them now as to the types of people they are going to be at older ages.  I just can’t think about them doing what I do when my favorite team is playing.  Something’s got to give, and it’s an easy decision.

Why am I going to take watching sports in stride from now on?

It’s just a game, right??  Right!

Why This Armchair Quarterback is Retiring

Whether our team has a big win or a heartbreaking loss, at the end of the day, it’s just a game right?  In the grand scheme of things, life happens and is always more important than the outcome of a sporting event.  When I was a kid, without a family of my own, I was able to react to my #Dawgs win or lose basically anyway I wanted.  Today, I am still learning how to keep my emotions positive now that I have kids watching my every move. In the end, #sports are just games and don’t have any effect on my life.  Whether I scream for joy, or throw things in anger, the game is out of my control. I don’t have any control on how well the #quarterback passes the ball, or how many strikeouts the pitcher has. Remembering that I am just a spectator and not in control of the game has really helped me to keep my emotions in check.

Being too involved gets in the way of life.

Why This Armchair Quarterback is Retiring

My family is the most important thing to me.  It takes precedence over TV and other activities. It’s really important not only for us to never let sports get in the way, but to teach this to our kids too.  The things they see us prioritizing in our lives will teach them what we value as important.  Take time to remember the important things.  Watching our kids grow up in a safe and happy home is far more important than whether or not our NFL team makes the playoffs. We can control our home environments, but we can’t control what a #sports team does. Why give it more attention than the kids?

There have been many times in my past where I have seemed to put sports ahead of my family. Getting home to watch the game, or being late somewhere because of a game, seemed to be my norm. I have since realized that the world isn’t going to end if I don’t get to watch every quarter or period of every game.

Having enthusiasm for our favorite sports team doesn’t have to mean we lose enthusiasm for more important events in our lives. Sports can be fun and entertaining, but should never come before our families.

It’s still okay to be a sports fan!

Why This Armchair Quarterback is Retiring

I’m not saying by any means that we should stop watching sports all together. Having a passion for a sports team can be fun and can bring people together.  Sports teach us how to work together as a team, overcome adversity, and learn crucial life skills.  If you are going to have sports as a part of your family life, make sure you are balancing it appropriately with the more important things.

Here are 4 tips on how to incorporate the whole family into sporting events:

  • Record the game on DVR and watch it later.
  • Watch the game as a family – go out to a sports bar or hang out together with friends.
  • Go to the game together.
  • Watch the game together while teaching the rules of play/sportsmanship to your kids.

Take it all in Stride

As I said earlier, it’s all just a game.  Rather than get all wrapped up in the outcome, stay focused on being a positive role model to those around you – especially your kids.  Take the game in stride – win or lose.  I’ve seen actual videos of parents losing their tempers over a game in front of their own family.  In one case, the guy took a baseball bat to his flat screen after throwing it on the floor.

It’s been hard to keep my emotions in check, but remembering to put everything into perspective makes it so much easier.  We have been given amazing opportunities as parents to be wonderful role models for our kids, and this is a prime chance to put those opportunities in action.

Sound off!

Let me hear from all of you dads (and moms too!) and how you manage watching sports in your home.

I would love to hear from you!  Contact me at jeremy@goaskyourdaddy.com



Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 20

Dear Kids,

We had a super cool weekend!  I had been away for work from Tuesday through Thursday. Being away from you guys for that long is so hard!  I always look forward to play time after I get off of work, and when I can’t do that, I get depressed!  Here are some pictures of our fun weekend playing outside.  I love you all!















We Can't Go Down That Aisle, Daddy!

We Can’t Go Down That Aisle, Daddy!

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Yesterday, we went as a family to the grocery store after church.  It was the day of the big Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers,  so everyone was decked out in their favorite NFL gear. As we were walking through the store, we came upon the beverage aisle, where a Pittsburgh Steelers fan was shopping. Now, even though we live in Bengals country, there are tons and tons of these so called “Pittsburgh Steelers fans” roaming around. This is all ok to me. I don’t care. Football is better when you have fans of all teams in a locales. Even though I despise the Steelers, I’m not about to take out my hatred of them on a fan.

So, when my 9 year old spotted this Pittsburgh Steelers fan, he loudly said

We can’t go down that aisle, Dad!  There’s a Steelers fan!

This was a wake-up call for me! I’m all for friendly competition and rivalry in sports.  It makes the game so much more fun and meaningful to watch. But I think I’m rubbing off on my son in the wrong way. I seem to be the one who has instilled the hatred of the Steelers in him. Although there is nothing wrong with having a favorite and a least favorite team to cheer for, there is a boundary I don’t want him to cross, and he’s getting very close to crossing it.

The first place I need to look is at myself. How do I display positivity towards the game, the players, and the rules when my kids are watching?  Am I shouting at the TV? (if you watched the game yesterday, you can guess that I WAS).  Am I saying negative things about the players?  It’s so easy to say bad things about our own team as well as the opposing team.

I have always been known to really get into the games.  When I watch my Georgia Bulldogs play, I can get set off by the tiniest of things. I have been known to grumble about the coach, the play calling, the officiating, and of course the fans. I may go a little too far sometimes when I trash talk on Facebook. I fill up my timeline with memes roasting rival teams, and sometimes get into back and fourth friendly quarrels with neighbors and friends about bad plays or calls.

Now that I have kids, especially those that are watching me really closely, I’ve got to change my behavior during these games. It’s ok for me to get into the game and be very passionate about it, but I just need to continuously teach good sportsmanship my kids. It’s not very easy to do these days with all of the issues going on in sports on and off the field.

How we behave as parents today will roll over to our kids as they get older.  How do we want them to behave around their friends and their kids? I learned a lot this past weekend that I need to lighten up on the trash talk, start recognizing the positives in the games I watch with my kids, and encourage my kids to do the same.

I'm Not Standing Up For Colin Kaepernick

I’m Not Standing Up For Colin Kaepernick

I think we can all say we have some issues or concerns with the way things are going in our country. What’s supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave is quickly becoming a place where people don’t expect consequences or repercussions for the actions they take with expressing their freedoms. Thus is true with 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.  In a pre-season game several days ago, Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem.  He says that he will not stand again until there is change in our country. While he has every right to express his outrage and irritation at the issues our country is facing, he must expect every other American citizen to react to it without getting butt hurt over it.

What’s it to me?

I honestly don’t care if he stands or sits during the national anthem. What’s it to me? How is it interfering with ME honoring MY country?  If he chooses to disrespect our nation and those who have lost their lives so that he can freely earn millions of dollars playing a game, that’s HIS choice to make.  It doesn’t have any direct impact on how I honor America and choose to respect our armed forces.

There’s a flip side to this situation

Kaepernick plays a professional sport where millions of dollars are paid to him to not only perform at a certain level, but also conduct himself in a way that reflects positive values on himself, his team, the team’s ownership, and the organization as a whole. He is as much a reflection on the organization as he is on himself.  Whatever he says or does, the whole organization has to respond to it. Ownership has to address media questions and go on the defensive. Kids look to him to set an example, and while he should set an example to stand up for what he believes in, he should be careful not to teach being disloyal to our country, and the men and women who fought so hard to give us every freedom we have today.  I’m sure not every one of those soldiers who died for our freedoms liked every single issue, whether good or bad, but were willing to serve our country regardless.  It’s almost as if he’s given up.  Our flag and nation will stand forever, so to protest the anthem and what it stands for, is giving up on our country.

Protest in a different way!

I am not going to stand and applaud him for taking a stand in the manner in which he chose, and I think there are other ways he could protest his dismay. Disrespecting the national anthem and our country is not the way he should be initiating change. Get out into the world.  Reach people face to face.  Work with the oppressed and the fallen in our country. You make $19 million per year!  Start a charity. Give money to good causes that help push change in our country.  Vote for the candidate you most believe can be the president to make the changes that will benefit our country. Don’t just sit around on your ass looking like an ass.  You come across as cocky, disrespectful, defiant, and arrogant (and did I mention an ass?).  Be actively involved in making immediate changes where you can. Sitting down to protest American during the national anthem doesn’t help changes to be made, and he certainly shouldn’t expect changes to happen overnight because of his gesture. Do what the rest of us do.  Take pride in being part of the greatest free nation in the world and initiate change in a positive way, but at the same time peacefully and respectfully protest when changes are needed.  Help others. Help change lives. Help future generations understand how important it is to respect our country, our forefathers, and our service men and women!

Be active and responsible for initiating good change in our country!

So, I will not stand up for your sitting down, Colin Kaepernick. While I applaud you for standing up (or in this case sitting down) for what you believe in, disrespecting our country is not the way to do it.  You aren’t going to attract those who want to change. You are going to attract those who disagree with you and want to take your head off. Choose a different route to express your discontent and outrage!  Find a cause you can believe in off the field and donate your time and energy to helping others see your point of view.  There are millions of other Americans that feel the same way you do, but I don’t think many of them would refuse to honor America and it’s fallen soldiers because of it.  It’s hateful, wrong, un-American, and stubborn.  Be a part of the change, not a part of the problem.

The choices Colin makes are his to own, and only his to own, but he must be prepared to face backlash and repercussions for them on a higher level of scrutiny than someone who is not a celebrity.  I am with him 100% that there needs to be changes in our country. Everyone has the right to be treated equally regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.  No one deserves to be mistreated because of who they are.

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The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

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Yesterday was a father-son day I’ll never forget.  The Cincinnati Bengals held a practice at a local high school here in the Dayton area, so my oldest son and I spent the afternoon there watching them.

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The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

It was an absolutely perfect day to be outdoors and to watch our favorite NFL team practice!  We had great seats to watch the action and nothing but blue skies and picturesque clouds above us!


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

Bengals 2nd string QB (former Alabama QB) AJ McCarron gives us a wave from the field.


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

Bengals QBs (in orange jerseys) gather to begin their warm-ups at the start of the practice.

The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

Bengals kicker, Mike Nugent (OSU), warms up at the start of practice.


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

Bengals cornerback #24 Adam “Pacman” Jones.


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

Bengals QB #14 Andy Dalton (orange jersey) runs offensive drills.  Pretty cool to hear him calling plays.  It’s rare that you get to hear the QB call plays on TV unless there’s a mic nearby!


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

Left to right – #10 Kevin Huber -punter (Cincinnati), #4 Zack Hocker – kicker (Arkansas), #46 Clark Harris – left safety (Rutgers) and #2 Mike Nugent – kicker (OSU).


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The team goes through their warm-up drills during practice. QBs in orange, offense in white, and defense in black.


The Cincinnati Bengals Roll Into Dayton!

The view from the fence.  We were gathering with a large crowd awaiting the players to sign autographs.  Unfortunately, their practice ran longer than planned so we ended up leaving early.

We had such a great time!  As a daddy who works full time and has four little ones, it’s hard sometimes to just get one-on-one time with them.  To see my son so happy and excited to see his team means everything to me.  I enjoyed spending the day with him and bonding over the sport and team we love so much.


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