When Tempted To Pick Up That Bottle, Do This Instead

When dealing with alcohol abuse, there are a lot of difficult steps to take. For instance, the step of admitting you have a problem. The step of seeking help. The step of asking for support from your loved ones. But one that catches many in recovery by surprise is the step of adjusting to everyday life without the familiar sensation of taking a drink. One of the best things to help you cope with that day-to-day struggle is a replacement. But rather than picking up a pack of cigarettes or a pack of doughnuts, you can make those changes healthy.

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All health is connected. The physical, emotional, and mental sides play off of one another. If issues like stress or depression tie into an alcohol abuse problem, then exercise can genuinely be one of the best things to do. Find a local gym like Burn Fitness and start setting yourself goals. The benefits of the endorphin rush, of a better night’s sleep, and the physical feeling of better health are all good reasons to start exercising seriously. But the fulfillment of setting and reaching exercise goals can be the most emotionally beneficial part of the whole endeavor.


Stress and emotional discomfort adds to the risk of relapse. Writing is a hobby that’s great for getting rid of that stress, whether it’s journaling your own thought processes or simply working to complete a finished product. But it doesn’t have to be writing. There are a lot of great, stress-busting hobbies that also serve as a distraction from those intrusive thoughts.

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To some, the helpfulness of faith might be a dubious proposition. But for those who believe, having a True North on your moral compass can offer you an emotional and spiritual center that helps you rethink your impulses and make the right choices. It’s why treatment centers that focus on a Christian approach like Beachway are both so common and so successful. Your religion can prove the example you follow, as well as an emotional rock you can hold onto when the emotional waves in your mind are stronger than usual. Redemption is also a powerful theme in all faith, and your connection to that can give you a healthy perspective on your own battle with addiction.


You don’t necessarily have to be a faithful person to benefit from spirituality. Whether you’re religious or not, getting in touch with your spirit and the deepest sense of your being through meditation has some huge benefits. For one, it helps you find calm when you’re dealing with turmoil. But it also teaches mindfulness, helping you identify your own thought and behavior patterns. Many recovery centers use mindfulness to identify triggers to harmful behavior, which then go on to inform you on what environments and situations to avoid.

You might not find any of the above are what helps you keep your mind off those invasive impulses. But there are plenty of other options out there. Your project, whatever it is, can be the most helpful tool in your arsenal when it comes to battling addiction.

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