The “Family” Business

It’s the dream for a lot of people, setting up a business where you get to work from home. A lot of people incredibly jealous of those that are able to do this, but the reality of the situation is always different from the perception, and this is none more so when these people that work from home have a family to juggle also. For those that are in the midst of setting up a blogging business, trying to juggle the company while also making enough time for your personal life can be a very difficult balance to strike. Especially if both aspects of your life are growing at a substantial rate. If you’ve got a business that’s in the ascendancy but your family is so young that it’s an important time for you to be there as much as possible you can feel guilty for either spending too much or too little time on one area or the other. And while we all need to make money to support our families, what can we do to deal with increased demands for our skills, personally and professionally?


Eliminate Waste From Your Life

It’s something that you probably feel like saying on a semi regular basis,”I don’t have time,” and if you feel like you don’t have time for a lot of things anymore because you are working two full-time jobs on minimal sleep, it’s now time to work smarter, rather than harder, so where can you start to cut down on unnecessary waste? The commute to work is the best place to begin. If you have hit the point where you need to start setting up a physical place for you to do business. If you have grown from your modest home office with a few remote employees to a proper startup with 50 members of staff, all of which need to get paid regularly, you need to be as close to the operation as possible without physically living there. The biggest waste of time is the dreaded daily commute, so make the most of somewhere that’s five minutes away or a place with excellent transport links meaning that there’s not much time wasted on the commute if you need to make one.

Embrace The Professional Image

The hardest thing about running a business when you have a family, especially if you are running one from home, is that it can be a struggle to maintain that entrepreneurial image, the one that inspires and leads employees. Because it’s very difficult to keep this image up during a Skype call if you’ve got your children playing in the background and while it can’t be helped, it doesn’t communicate to the people on the other end that you are a person that has decorum and has a reliable operation. If you aren’t at that point where you can afford to rent an office, there are other options. For correspondence you can make the most of companies like Physical Address where you put down an address for correspondence that is not your own residential one, meaning that you won’t have your home details emblazoned on client correspondence and as the address is a more professional looking one, it will communicate the right message to potential clients. When you are growing business it’s not just about the products you deliver but it is about the image you present, so make it a good one!

Keep Your Foundation Strong

If you are at that point where work and life are mixed, then you need to make sure your foundations are strong in both. And you ultimately need to make sure your relationship is strong during these tough times and while it can be easy to focus your attention on the business when you have an exciting client, don’t forget it’s your spouse who provided you the support, either emotionally or financially when you were struggling, so it’s important to keep those foundations intact by making time for each other and the family, however little time it is. Because you need to remember that this is just work at the end of the day. You won’t look back in 50 years time and think “I really should have worked more!” You’d think that you should have spent more time with your family, so do it!


Don’t Use The Laptop On The Kitchen Table!

If you got young children you don’t want to be giving them the message that the laptop and the smartphone is an extension of your body. So make sure that you use them only in your home office and not doing the important family time. It can be very difficult, especially if you’re waiting on an important email, but you can always make the most of detailed out of office responses if you have promised your children you would spend quality time with them. It may be important to secure that contract, but you don’t want to break a promise to your child, so do what you can to differentiate between working at home and socializing at home. The one way a lot of people tend to do this is by working when everybody else is asleep. Either during the night after everybody’s gone to bed or get up a couple of hours before everyone else does when you aren’t seen to be holding your laptop under your arm constantly!

Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself

Yes, it is an exciting time in your business, and you want to be there every step of the way. But if you have the demands of a family pulling on you full-time as well as excessive hours you’re putting in to making this business work, something is going to give at some point. It’s important to find ways to delegate duties to others if it’s possible. If you don’t have any other employees, you could always make the most of the freelancer websites like where you can hire someone to do some of the basics that you are happy to let go of. If this means you’ve got a bit more time with your family in the morning or you can pick them up from school or do that mid afternoon feed then it’s worth it.

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