Is It Time For Your Family To Be More Adventurous?

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Modern life can be tough on families. The typical household these days has both parents working, and there are many different time pressures to contend with, too. And, of course, the increasing number of gadgets, consoles, and TV services we all have access to means it is often easier to chill out on the sofa rather than get up, get out there, and experience the world outside. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s time to start seeking a little more adventure for your family – and here are some ideas to help you get started.


Family cycling trips are fantastic in many different ways. They are good for the fitness, get you out experiencing nature, and are perfect for family bonding. There are the health benefits to consider, too, and the vast majority of kids love the feeling of independence they get from riding a bike. And the best thing about cycling is that once you buy your bikes, using them costs nothing other than calories.

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Take a camping weekend

Like cycling, there are few costs involved when you want to go camping. All you need is a tent, a cheap pitch, some supplies, and a sense of adventure. Camping gets your kids up close and personal with nature breaks them free of your daily routine and teaches them to appreciate the small things in life. You can teach them new skills, too – and maybe even learn some yourself. And finally, meeting other fellow campers is perfect for socializing – impromptu friendships are not uncommon when you meet others who are sleeping beneath the stars.

Caravanning weekend

Camping a little too adventurous for you? Then scout around for local caravan sales and replace your fabric roof for a fiberglass one. Not every family is a perfect fit for sleeping in tents, but in a caravan, you get much of the experience of sleeping in the wild with a lot more home comforts. It’s fair to say that caravanning has a slight reputation for being staid and dull, but the truth is somewhat different – and it can often give you the perfect family holiday. Packing is less of a hassle as it is when you stay in a tent, it’s cheaper than staying in hotels, and you get access to some of the most amazing spots in the country.

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Invest in wet weather gear

Far too many people moan about the rain and bad weather in my opinion. So, if you want to reconsider your views next winter, take a look at how your kids react – they love it. Invest in some wet weather gear and get out there and experience the inclement weather – there is something truly wonderful about going out when the environment is a little wilder than it normally is. Everything looks different, and splashing around in puddles or diving into mounds of snow is wonderful for the soul – not to mention a great adventure for the kids.

Do you have any more ideas to get out there and be more adventurous as a family? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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