Tips For A Frugal And Fun Family Vacation

Tips For A Frugal And Fun Family Vacation

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Vacations are more or less a staple of family life. Whether it’s a weekend at grandma’s house or Disney World, almost everyone has a lot of fun memories where the whole family went off on some big adventure. The only bad thing about family vacations is that they can get expensive. You may not be able to take your kids to some 10th-century monasteries in Europe or go on an African safari, but there are still many ways to have a wonderful vacation on a budget…


You may have been overlooking them for a long time, but there are probably tons of great places to visit in your own backyard. Whether it’s a site of historical interest, a national park, or some fun museums in a nearby city, by staying at home or booking accommodation somewhere nearby, you’ll be able to create some precious memories without having to pay a small fortune for travel. Start researching some cheap tours or attractions, and ask the staff at your hotel about places where local residents can get a discount. One of the best ways to plan a great staycation is through websites like Livingsocial, which catalog fantastic discounts on everything from food to accommodation to activities.

Try to Be Active!

Tips For A Frugal And Fun Family Vacation

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If you take a step back and think about it, you’ll find that all the most expensive activities you’d typically do on a vacation are passive. It costs a pretty penny to see a live show, catch a ball game, or spend a day at a theme park. However, these don’t always offer the best opportunities to bond with your family, which is what vacations are really all about. Camping, cycling, fishing and similar activities are all great ways to have fun with the family on a budget. Sure, you’ll need a few essentials like this Browning Camping family tent, but in the long run, you’ll save a lot compared to what you’d spend on a more typical family vacation. Aside from the big savings, tending towards more active days out will give you more of a chance to talk and connect with your family.

Bundle Up

On the surface, it may be seem more cost-effective to look for the best deals on travel, accommodation, and activities separately. However, families can save a lot of money by booking their vacation as a full package deal. Sites such as Expedia give you all kinds of great resources for comparing different package deals, and so can your local travel agency. Many travel agents come across fantastic deals which simply can’t be found online. Sometimes, you can even get the best deals on visiting a certain destination by going straight through the airline. These kinds of deals can be few and far between, but if you’re able to get them, you can save hundreds of dollars compared to what you’d spend by booking flights, accommodation and so on separately. To make sure you’re getting the cheapest deal possible, start off by pricing each thing separately, then compare the total to any package deals you come across.

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