Vacation + Sports: What Could Be Better?


Most of us seize the chance for a family vacation every summer. The school holidays stretch out in front of us, meaning we have to find some way to occupy time when we are used to school taking much of it up. Of course, we adults tend to be craving a vacation by this point as well – so bring the two together, and the annual summer holiday has become a stalwart in the calendar.

What you want to do on your vacation largely depends on how you define a holiday. Are you seeking adventure and excitement? Or do you prefer to kick back by the pool, let the kids play while keeping one eye on them and the other trained on a book? It would be foolish to think there is a “right” way to do holidays – but there might be something a bit different that’s missing from yours.

It’s fair to say that playing sports with your kids can be seen as a vital tool when it comes to bonding. Of course, you can play sports on holiday – who is going to turn down a game of frisbee on the beach?

It’s also worth thinking about the other ways that sport can be bonding; as in, making memories by going to notable sporting events. You might not have the time or the inclination when you’re at home, but with a vacation spreading out before you, it might be just the day trip to consider. Going to see a sport at an unfamiliar venue can make things more exciting, giving the entire family an experience they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Which Sports?

Frankly, any sport you can think of. If you have a previous interest in a particular sport, then it makes sense to check out and see what’s available at your destination. This could mean catching something in pre-season during the summer, grabbing Dallas Cowboys tickets from Ticket Liquidator if you’re heading to Texas or taking a trip to see the Los Angeles Dodgers if baseball is more your sport. The options are endless.

Try New Sports Abroad

One interesting kink of this is if you travel abroad. Sports popular at home in the US are not, for the most part, that popular overseas. If you go to France, for example, and fancy seeing a French game of baseball, then it’s going to be a stretch. Soccer or rugby union, on the other hand? More matches to choose from than you could ever consider.

So if going abroad, it’s worth opening your mind to trying a sport that you’ve never really seen before. The match day experience can be exciting for anyone, regardless of whether or not you care much for the sport itself.

Seasonal Problems

The one problem is that, vacationing in summer, you might find yourself visiting a foreign country during the off-season from the most popular sports. Soccer and rugby union tend to run on a winter schedule, with their seasons’ ending around May. Rugby league (a less physical version of the 15-man code that has been played in Chicago to huge crowds recently – but still highly entertaining) and cricket are your best bets for European travel, along with the tennis tournaments like the French Open in Paris or Wimbledon in London.

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